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  1. Angry Laywer says:

    Judge Richter just wrote one of the worst decisions I’ve ever read: defensive from a Court challenge, dishonest about what the record showed, and showed a classic ALJ ability to imagine they are doctors, who can whimsically over-rule a physician’s opinion because….reasons. In the most apt, but terrible thing I can say about a person, she is a typical ALJ.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Richter was a pleasant, straight forward person. She asked me in detail about myself and was extremely concerned for my well being. I found her to be totally professional and it was a pleasure to get her as my judge.

  3. Not happy says:

    My case went before this judge because I had requested having a hearing with a judge. I would never suggest anyone to do this! If you read her approval ratings they are less than 50%! She mainly grilled me on our finances & asked me how I was able to afford college without any financial aid! That all had nothing to do with my health issues! I went to the hearing nicely dressed with my hair & makeup done. Wore my regular jewelry and I think she decided I didn’t NEED the money! That should have nothing to do with it either! I had worked for those benefits! And, she never bothered to ask me how LONG it took me to get ready! Even the person who determines if you can work or not (can’t think of their title) given your physical condition, age, area you reside in, etc told the judge, no…in her opinion, I could not! My attorney was very shocked I was denied! I would suggest to do your homework before deciding if you want to go before a judge or not! I will be having a very serious surgery in January and I will then refile.

  4. Stephen L Girouard says:

    I had a disability case before judge Lillian Richter, very relaxed and orderly judge. A professional thorough reading of all the evidence for or against and caught every detail. To go before such a professional judge reaffirms my faith in America’s judicial system.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My hearing was extremely difficult due to the nature of the information I had to share. My attorney seemed pleased with the way the hearing went, but honestly, I was too busy crying to pay attention to that. Judge Richter was polite and very gracious as she ended the hearing. Apparently it can take months to find out the disposition of the hearing (not sure why–wouldn’t it be better to make a decision when the facts are still new and clear in your head?). In all, I was pleased with the judge and hope that she makes the right decision in my case.

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