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  1. Rep says:

    I am a representative who recently had a hearing before ALJ Roberts-Reap. I read reviews previously that were not incredibly kind referencing her attitude towards reps and the process of her hearings. I am writing this review to offer peace of mind to others who may be before her in the future. I found that she was professional towards both my client and myself, that she was well prepared, and that she evaluated the evidence fairly. I have been before many ALJ’s and appreciated the manner in which she conducted the hearing and the straightforwardness of her approach.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the last three years I’ve appeared before Judge Roberts about seven or eight times (maybe more, memory fails). What I’ve learned is, to do well in her courtroom, the representative should: 1. submit a prehearing brief, and 2. be prepared to argue the case before her, citing exhibits and applicable rulings or listings. The times she’s been irritated or exasperated, she took it out on me, not my claimants, which is exactly what I’d want. I’m always happy to appear before her.

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