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  1. Lana Puckett says:

    I am just disappointed in our Government in the state of Maine.I have chronic PTSD cause my ex and his brother hired different men to try and kill me,fibromaylia and anxiety and with ALL this I am STILL struggling to get my ssi and disability.I also have fibro fog and can be forgetful and do not understand WHY I do not have my ssi and disability yet but SADLY if I was an illegal immigrant I would ALREADY have my ssi and disability !! I am a CHRISTAIN and have a pro-life ministry which I feel hinders me from getting my ssi and disability !! I have written to President Trump,vice president Pence and someone I can TRUST in our Government to help me concerning this and I have nothing to say about judge Linda Helm except I RESPECT ALL JUDGES and have a hearing with her this month and if I get my ssi and disability or not I will not judge her cause I put my FAITH in God to bring forth JUSTICE and TRUTH for me concerning my ssi and disability case!!! There are over 70 thousand indictments so SOON the corrupt government will be behind bars ,my heavenly father told me, DIVINE JUSTICE IS COMING AFTER OUR GOVERNMENT AND CHURCHES !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I understand the frustration behind this bully and tyrant. No one whom shows clear incompetence should be sitting on the bench overseeing cases. But go read up on the Social Security Act. Read up on the Uniform Commercial Code UCC1. Look into filing a lawsuit in Equity court and sue the Social Security Administration and personal suit against Judge ********* Helms. That’s the route I’m taking right now myself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Helm is a digrace to her profession. In my case, she made up her own alternate facts, lied about the facts and refused to acknowledge any of the doctors that examined me. She could not find a doctor for the hearing that had any knowledge of my condition.

  4. Endine says:

    This judge is very firm, even a bit unfair by normal standards. But as she is a federal judge using a very complex set of standards, she does give complicated cases due diligence, even if she doesn’t give every inch that should be, she can be reasonable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many denied claims were that of veterans who are receiving pensions from the VA and considered disabled by the VA?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have not received my judgement yet, but regardless of whatever decision is made, it will not alter my feelings about the hearing. Judge Helm was very nice to me as I was in a severe amount of pain that day. She took her time asking questions and gave me a lot of time to answer each question fully and to elaborate on them. I in no way felt she rushed me, nor was she dismissive. I have a very complex case and Judge Helm made sure that I was questioned every way from Sunday, and all bases were covered.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great judge. Very nice…..no complaints

  8. michelle sainz says:

    RE: I didn’t find this lady mean spirited . I thought she would approve me . I was suprised when I was denied seeing that the vocational expert and Judge Helm both said There was no jobs available for me so why was I denied? OH and because I filed taxes the year previous she kept insinuating that I was filing for earned income credit but I worked to see if I could and Can not

  9. michelle sainz says:

    I was @ your hearing. with no lawyer. The vocational expert said that I could work bilateral only for 3 hours then lay flat on my back after. Judge Helm asked the vocational expert what jobs are availiable for this kind of work . The vocational expert said NONE JUDGE. I was denied my social security. Can someone plese explain this

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with this mean spirited woman.

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