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  1. Anonymous says:

    Linda Sybrant should be removed as an ALJ due to the horrible way she treats people who appear before her. In our case it not only appeared she had already made up her mind that disability was not an option (even though the person in her court said there were no jobs that my spouse could do). We had to go to Federal Court and when they ruled that disability should be granted, Sybrant (no I won’t call her a judge) said she would only grant back pay for the 2nd filing and denied 3 additional years we should have been paid for the time it took to approve the disability. I have heard others say this is the way she will try to screw you out of what is due.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge made me feel like i was in criminal trial. She also made me come for three hearings. On appeal they found she made many many “errors”. aFter one hearing I actually had a breakdown and ended up attempting suicide, ending up in the hospital. I have no problem with the facts or judge being serious. But to be so mean and rude and demeaning, to have such a contempt, it seems she has her mind made up before you come in and she hates her job, or people wiht disabilities. If I knew what I knew now I would have just called it quits for good instead of being put through this. It was / is such a horrible experience that it “feels” personal. This is only my experience, so if you are going throught the process realize you may have a different experience, so dont NOT do it because of my post.

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