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  1. Stacia W says:

    She was very patient with me and seemed understanding. She did treat me with respect and dignity, something the previous judge did not. I didn’t have an attorney, but she allowed me to turn in almost a thousand pages of medical records that day. I’m sure by reading my file beforehand without almost two years of records, she went into that hearing with her mind made up for an automatic denial. However, I personally believe she kept an open mind given the new records. I haven’t received a decision yet, and it’s been well over four months. But, I’m hoping and praying it’s because she’s really reviewing all the records to make her final decision. This has been a long hard road for me and I really need to get a favorable outcome this time. I get so frustrated when I see people who claim to be disabled for mental reasons only getting approved, yet I have a page long list of diagnosis of mental AND physical issues and have been in this fight for years. PLEASE let me win this time.

  2. SSRep says:

    would like to hear from any reps who have had judge marshall before. what is she like as far as how she conducts her hearings, does she require opening statements, does she go first or let rep, etc. thank you for your feedback.

  3. Anonymous says:

    treats claimants with dignity and gives an honest fair hearing

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