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  1. Jeffrey James Ross says:

    She heard what I had to say! Which was a first when it came to past hearings with SSA & SSI hearings. I REALLY FELT LIKE SHE CARED ABOUT ME l APPRECIATE THAT SO MUCH! She said what she meant and meant what she said! THANK YOU LISA B. MARTIN!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is Misleading , and dishonest plays the game well and is hurtful in my opinion to society.
    If the system is truly broke, you might want to start with her in considering why this is.
    Integrity is missing, Cruelty is verified , A none independent thinker and irrational in her decision making. (poster child for +++)
    if you would like to witness Orwell 1984 go listen to a disembodied VE, over a phone while trying to keep your head up
    to stare at a TV to communicate with this Judge,
    That alone should tell you how much of a criminal everyone looks like in the eyes of our GOV.
    It is a Humiliating and repugnant experience to be dragged in front of a hearing disabled only to be Harmed
    with a denial and being called a liar by someone who expressed the cruelty , and carelessness of the beast system well.
    Pray for our Country.. I mean it, because praying for just the people is not enough.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She’s a joke the vocational expert said there were no jobs I could do and she still denied me I’m appealing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Most insensitive and basically unfair judge i have ever read about. Ignored important info and did not consider all of the facts. I feel sorry for anyone that gets her as a judge. I won’t even give her 1 star

  5. Ryan Steven Mentier says:

    My name is Ryan Steven Mentier I live in Holly Michigan I have been waiting for a
    Decision on my case I have been living in a tent for a few months now and have been waiting on a yes or no on my disability case for 7 months now.I try to call and I get no answer my layer can’t get threw eather

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