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  1. Sharon Saran says:

    People write on this page as if they think a judge only needs to realize how much they need benefits and, Bingo, they”re approved. SSDI is not based on need. It is not based on whether the judge feels you are a deserving person. It doesn’t depend on how much hard work you did, or for how long. It depends strictly on objective proof that you meet each and every one of the federal regulations which govern Social Security benefits. There is no way to convince a judge to break the law. If you don’t meet the rules and regulations, the judge cannot pay a claim–even if she wants to. Spend your time proving the facts of your case, not trying to convince the judge how much you need the benefits. If you look at this judge’s award rates, you find that she denies more claims than she approves. If you don’t prove your case, she will deny you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had my disability hearing with judge Lisa Johnson and she approved my application . She is a very knowledgeable and fair judge . Judge Johnson get straight to the point and ask you the questions required by law to determine if your case is approved or denied . She is serious about her job . First and foremost I want thanks God for my favorable outcome ; also thanks to judge Lisa Johnson for approving my disability .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very rude and disrespectful when asking questions. I was already upset and have severe mental anxiety and she only made it worse. Cancel and ask for another judge!

  4. Anonymous says:

    From the beginning the judge seemed to be against me because of my age I guess. She denied me and I have medical proof that I’m disabled and I do believe that she is against a young person being on disability.

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