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  1. Mike Kicklighter says:

    Hope she sees this. Probably won’t. You saved my life for one more day. You didn’t appreciate it. But your welcome.

  2. I need to talk to judge hall to let her know that I have referal appointments at pain management my lung dr
    That she needs to know before she makes a decision. I can not find a no. For her I am stressed depressed
    And in pain and scared to go out for I have bad cop d and my chances of making it thru this is causing my pstd spike

  3. Anonymous says:

    She seemed just as confused as i was , though she had all the info, then denied the appeal and back dated it 4 years, and they expect a refund though i was not able to drive per a profesional trained brain specialist due to cognitive issues needed eval, which she disagreed with. Was still doing therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision therapy, and not reached MMI till a year later for orthopedic and multiple other problems after her set date of not being disabled.. she should be fired !!! Cant give any stars but should deserve a box of rocks award… i could care less if she reads this or not.. the way the system is, no wonder so many veterans decide to opt out !!! And where do they get these crack pot specialty doctors anyway? You know they got to be paid off because i didnt even pass the eye exam but his rating was excellent

  4. Kim says:

    She was very nice and respectful. I had my hearing in June I hope she took everything in and votes on my side.

  5. Bambi Collins says:

    I think she was very kind and listened to all points.

  6. Goddson says:

    Judge Hall was very respectful, kind & understanding throughout my hearing. Thank you Judge Hall for granting me my SSDI.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe this judge holds resentment toward some attorneys and that determines the outcome of your case, she throwa out RFC’s,and medical evidence for reasons such as she believes doctors are “helping you out” or they “didnt do enough”, all her personal nastiness, NOT THE LAW she is suppose to be following. Xrays, MRI’s dont count for anything as well with her.

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