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  1. Ed Buist says:

    A friend whom I totally support financially and provide a home for can not work due to Autism and other mental illness issues. His case was very obviously one that should have been approved, but Judge Raleigh denied benefits to him. I’m his only source of support, but I’m 78 years old, he’s only 34. When I die, he will be homeless and without any means of financial assistance. He has no one else in the world. The law firm he used in Tallahassee, Liebenhaut, dropped him like a piece of used toilet paper , unwilling to appeal Raleigh’s decision. With the literal mountains of documentation and proof that he should have been awarded benefits, I don’t understand how any judge could have denied his application for benefits, or how Liebenhaut could just walk away from the case without appealing the decision. Well, I do understand Liebenhaut, it’s all about money to them. They didn’t care anymore for my friend’s plight than did Judge Raleigh.

  2. Randal White says:

    Judge Raleigh was an excellent judge. For the first time, I felt like someone finally listed to me, and took the time to validate my medical records. For 4 years I found Social Security, with denial after denial. Their reason…”I can do little things”. I will never be able to thank Judge Raleigh enough. I was amazed and the fact checking, her office did for my case! Thank you! Thank you

  3. Binky says:

    Hideous & absolutely horrible!! She worked as a prosecutor for many years so for her to treat us like criminals is normal to her. She was nice to my face and totally ripped me in her written verdict. Now I have to sit down every 10 min due to pain. I have no money to see doctors and my brother is now my caregiver. I wish I had the guts to do suicide. I think about it daily. I have suffered so much all because she didn’t believe my problems were real or she just didn’t like me. She is a despicable human being.

  4. Nah says:

    I know she’ll never see this but Judge Raleigh missed the whole point of my disability case. It’s not rocket science.

  5. Susie West says:

    She’s listens to everything that you have to say. She’s very experienced and professional.

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