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  1. Brenda says:

    This Judge is a bully who knows weather he will deny your case or approve it before you even sit down. He cherry picked from my medical records giving weight to anything that could be used to deny me benefits, while overlooking any supporting evidence. This judge spoke around me to the Psychiatrist or Vocational Expert. He was not only not concerned that I understand and follow the hearing, he made certain to keep in confusing. This ALJ failed to ask many ralevant questions and mad incorrect assumptions. I think he is racist and sexist but I cant prove that.

  2. Kelli Whithorn says:

    Judge Hartford is a compassionless, condescending & cruel judge. During my appeal, he repeatedly interrupted me, talked over me & flat out accused me I was lying & exaggerating my symptoms.
    He asked few, specific questions of the medical and employment specialists in a way that did not permitted them to express their assessments of my work ability, which were in my favor.
    He deemed all four letters I had from specialists outlining my many health issues as disabling ‘uncredible’ because in my file when I visit the doctor I try to be positive and ONCE I said ‘I feel fine today.’
    I survived a rare form of aggressive childhood cancer only to battle with the aftermath of said treatment for the past 25 years. I lost 12ft of my small bowel, got congestive heart failure, have a dead kidney, chronic pain & migraines, endometriosis, fibroids & my belly is full of adhesions. I suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, PTSD. I am malnurished due to short bowel syndrome & radiation enteritis. I literally never know how I’m going to feel from day to night, hour to hour.
    This so-called man didn’t hear a word I said; he had already decided I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of benefits before my hearing even began. He said I should just work a little more (I work part time, but never exceeded the earnings limit).
    I needed to try harder…!!!???!!! Every single day is a struggle & if I wasn’t trying as hard as I can to stay alive, I’d have been dead years ago. But I have a positive outlook on life (which saved my life) has become a huge detriment to my ability to keep the ssdi benefits I need to survive.
    I’ve never encountered such heartlessness.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Hartford is an imbecile. He is condescending, and lacks basic decency and professionalism. He also acts like he is a doctor and knows more than any medical professional. It’s amazing he’s still employed, but it is the federal government, so I shouldn’t be surprised he’s so incompetent.

    My spouse, who had worked for 34 years was diagnosed with a chronic illness several years ago, causing them to basically be bedridden and not work anymore. When my spouse met with Hartford, he asked why hadn’t my spouse taken the shots to clear the health problem. The attorney told him that no such medicine or shot exists to fix this health issue. Hartford disputed that and said there was and again wanted to know why the shots weren’t taken. He argued for several minutes over this.

    I was totally surprised that a judge knew more about any treatment than our Dr., because the shots Hartford felt should be given to restore perfect health DOESN’T EXIST. We went back to the doctor and asked about why the doctor hadn’t prescribed the treatment and his exact words were, “What school did this idiot judge get his medical degree? The meds don’t exist. If it did, I would have given it to you years ago.” We already knew that, but just needed confirmation.

    It’s amazing that people with so little decency and personality can be employed in a position of such importance. If there were negative starts, I would rate him a negative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have testified as a Medical Expert for ALJ Hartford on more than one occasion. He has been insulting, undermining, asked for information that a secretary could glean from the record. He has not been interested in receiving my full testimony, or my Expert opinion based on my knowledge of the field I am considered an Expert in. He may be sexist as well. He did not allow me to testifyl my full opinion from the claimant’s record, which would bias his decision towards a Denial of a claim (as the full opinion of the Expert has not been heard). If you are assigned to this judge in any capacity, proceed at your risk of being attacked!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Also after I had read my decision I found Judge Hartford decided to answer his own questions he did not have time to ask me during the interview, sadly, he came up with the wrong answers leaving great discrepancies in the total interview!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Hartford seems to feel his personal opinions and politics should be the deciding factor in his cases. I am appalled at how he treats people in his court. He would ask me a question and cut me off in the middle of my answer. He was very rude. I do not care whether he feels the person deserves the benefits or not..He should be required to treat all people coming before him like human beings. He should not be able to treat anyone the he does.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As Americas we were brought up expecting we could pick what kind of trial wheather it be a jury trial or the judges design. With soc secerity the judge is the judge , jury and proscuter witch is not fair there personal apinons and thoughts come into the desions . And we the peaple are paying them to make falty desiones and there pay never gets taken away or a cut in pay to save the government money . They probley vote in there own raises. One man can put someone on the street or under the bridge is that the way we want our country ran . Think peaple should post this stuff on there face book and ather stuff so they can see what our government is doing to good family’s . Hope the judge that denied me see this cause I’m going over his head going to write my cogres men and president and any ather important peaple that can hear my story.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was denied my benefits and kicked of my soc security benefits . I’m 37 years old and my dad has Ben living with me for 9 years and helping me out with my daily stuff and judge loyd hartford took my benefit s away and said I basically could work. If that was the case a 37 year old man probably wouldn’t live with his father for help with his daily activitys . I think I was basically screwed to save the government money . Back in agust of 2013 my work comp went up and they said u got a raise and I said right there I was denied my soc secerity before we even got to my hearing . Cause work comp was paying the offset and soc secerity basically had there mind made up. . . I’m going two right my government and my Congress men and daily documents movie channels like dateline so they can here my complaints . My gramps died at the age of 50 and didnot even get to draw his out and if he new the crap I went through to keep mine going just to get denied before there was even a hearing they would of never paid in !!! It might of just Been a coincidence but I dont think it was a fair hearing or trial . Whatever u call it. Think the system that was put in place two help people is now Been corrupted to make people fail. Now we had to take back my kids Christmas gifts to make our house payment . Hopefully someone sees this that can help.

  9. Dana Millhouse says:

    I’m hoping my comments will get to Hartford somehow. My daughter, Katherine Cera Millhouse, has been on SSI since the age of five due to a rare birth defect called bladder exstrophy, which is life-long, life-debilitating, and life-threatening. He’s holding onto her case… determined to deny her now that she’s an adult. He’s making a big mistake.

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