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  1. disabled person says:

    This ALJ seems to approve more back in his home state of GA. Had only an 18% approval his first year in CA and 25% second year and yet in his home state he is up to 45%. My thought is he finally learning the job or is he partial to applicants of SSDI in his home state? Did not seem to know the job

  2. unlucky person to have this judge says:

    This Judge seems friendly enough and will deny anyway possible even to the extent of having doctors refute SSDI own doctors report

  3. Brian says:

    Nice guy, although not sure how the hearing went for I’ve never been to one. My hearing lasted about two hours, but half of the hearing a vocational expert was talking and another 30 minutes or so I was out of the room while a doctor was giving their findings.. lawyer said the length of the hearing along with the doctors oath and the vocational expert findings we’re all good signs for me… But Im still not sure what to believe. Judge said he may want to have another hearing (forget what it’s called) where he’d call in more experts, but also said because I have over 19000 pages of history on me he may not want to because of all the extra time it would take mailing doctors back and forth etc… Not a clue what any of that means.. anyway, had hearing Feb 1st 18 and it’s been about a month. Hoping it doesn’t take another 2 months to get the results…

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