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  1. Shannon Linn says:

    I was in her court for 15 minutes and she did a wonderful job. Very kind lady and very understanding.
    Thank you judge freund!

  2. Jessica says:

    The Honorable Lori L. Freund heard my case at a second hearing after a remand by the AC (Appeals Council). Her Honor was kind, compassionate and respectful as well as professional and open minded. I received a fully favorable decision 6 weeks later and I am ever grateful!! That was my last chance because my work credits had expired and at my first hearing I was denied. The AC found that Judge Grace (1st hearing) had erred and sent my case back for a new hearing and expert testimony from a Physician. Her Honor presided over that 2nd hearing and took in all information available to make a fair and favorable decision!

  3. Tami says:

    I was in Judge Freund’s court with my attorney last year and she was very kind and compassionate. She was very fair and professional. I want to thank her for being so patient and treating. Me with dignity.

  4. Lori W. says:

    I just went before Lori Freund on 7/11/2013. As of today I don’t know my decision. I do want to say that she was very nice!! I found her questions very fair, and inquisitive about my disability. She definitely appeared to be compassionate, win loose or draw I give her 5 thumbs up!!!

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