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  1. Anonymous says:

    If I could leave zero stars then I would, I hope that someday Judge Loretta Reynolds is removed from her position or at least, disciplined for her disrespect and prejudice against the disabled population of Florida. She has committed a disservice, and I only wish that she continues to remain so ignorant to living with a disease and moreover, perpetuating an individual’s suffering by discrediting and denying the individual’s experience, even existence. It would not surprise me if there are now disabled people homeless or deceased because of her abuse of power, and wrongful use of authority.

    What I believe is her most egregious error is that she claimed that a credited and accomplished cardiologist was exaggerating my symptoms; claiming she could interpret medicine better than a doctor. She can understand better than over a dozen physicians, the extent of my illness. I had no idea that being employed as a disability judge suddenly made you God of cardiomyopathy. She will never know the suffering she has inflicted, the poverty that she has perpetuated, she can sleep easy at night and that, I suppose is a good thing.

    She will never see the scars that run across my chest, my tears over being abandoned by the system that was designed to protect and support it’s most vulnerable, and in doing so – she is an embarrassment to the institution. A blemish on the state of Florida and the law that it upholds.

  2. Sarah Oneal says:

    This is an individual that needs to retire or forced to retire as the case load of the position has clearly done something to her. Lacking any professional skills to speak to others as adults and this is not a criminal trial if she needs reminding. If there are facts already in front of her undisputed then common sense should prevail and speak to her and say those facts are not something she should be badgering the disabled person about. Furthermore she has no medical degree to challenge the findings of experience treating medical professionals. Bitter worn out hacks like her trying to hang on is what gives the system a bad reputation!

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