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  1. Kathy Van Compernolle Cooper says:

    Judge Brennan reviewed my case very well, saw all of my objective Medical evidence (ie, nerve tests, blood labs, antibodies’ proof, & was kind & fair with in my case. I am very very thankful he was my judge!

  2. Zig says:

    Trick questions, convenient hearing, ignorance and arrogance are his modes of operation. His denial for me ran to 17 pages and he stated that I am able to do11 things that I can no longer do. The vocational witness said there are no jobs I can do but that doesn’t stop this prat “ judge” from having a judgment made before you get in the room. If he tells you good luck you will need it because he has decided to deny your case.

  3. Sonya Rodgers says:

    Judge brennan was pleasant and made my experience a little more comfortable. I sincerely hope he is able to help me.

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