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  1. Heather Holman says:

    Fair and impartial judge

  2. Anonymous says:

    After 10 years of trying to get disability, I once again get a judge that refuses to do what the appeals judge said needs to be done on my case. My case was also deemed “dire need” because I was in the process of losing my home. Judge Farmer didn’t care. As a matter of fact she actually opened the door and through me and my disabled son right out on the street. I thought that they are suppose to help people, not make them homeless. All doctors reports said I’m disabled but Judge Lyn Farmer doesn’t believe any of them. I have carpel tunnel in both wrists and even had surgery on my right wrist. It failed and is worse now then it originally was. Judge Farmer said I can work using a keyboard. Yeah, right, hello, carpel tunnel, failed surgery. The Appeals Council said the judge needed to finish evaluating all the doctors reports and make a new DECISION. There’s only 2 decisions – Yes or No. It was suppose to be Yes. Thanks, Judge Farmer for not doing what you were suppose to do.

  3. Frank says:

    I had my hearing yesterday, but I still wanted to leave feedback. Before my hearing, my attorney told me that it’s difficult to gauge the direction that Judge Farmer will lean because she allows the attorney to do the majority of the talking and doesn’t ask many questions. However, in my hearing, she led the discussion, with my attorney talking, perhaps, five minutes: once to ask me questions to encourage me to flesh out how my issues affected my daily life and once to counter the vocational expert. (The vocational expert testified that I could do no jobs in the national economy, which is a positive!)

    Even though I don’t have an decision yet, I really felt that Judge Farmer was interested in truly learning about how my disabilities affected my life, and how they prevented me from working. No question she asked — and she asked a lot — was unreasonable or unfair. If I were in her place, they would have been questions I would have asked. I know there are judges that already have their minds made up before even meeting a claimant, but if that were the case with Judge Farmer, I couldn’t detect it all.

    Incidently, upon leaving the hearing, my attorney stated that she felt it went very well because she could gauge how the judge was leaning based on her questions, which was toward an approval. Of course, nothing is set until I get that decision. But however the judge leans, I will feel that she was as impartial as possible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your Honor,

    What advice could you give to an individual that realizes many errors and omissions have taken place with their disability claim. This would be like a modern day “agent orange” claim. 12″ Med Records on his side. ICD on his side. E-E was he. Which direction shall he move towards?

    Main Street Palisades LLC

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