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  1. Sally Stelio says:

    Waited years for my hearing and this so called judge (evans) spent 5 minutes with me because the medical expert had a Drs appt to get to. Ugh!! I got denied having had migraines and a very messed up back! Two herniated discs, an annular tear, Degenerative Disc Disease and scoliosis and am on high doses of pain meds!! No one will hire me because of all of this and yet this goon denied me! We should all file a class action law suit against him and have our cases revisited.

  2. Old Rep says:

    Terrible judge. Does not apply the rulings and regulations properly and ignores expert testimony. Relies on DDS consultants and rejects opinion evidence offered by treating doctors and consultants.

  3. Linda says:

    I went before Judge Evans today in Melbourne and therefore will not have a decision anytime soon according to my atty, 3-6 months. However I just wanted to say he seemed very nice and cared about my disability. I think the problem with denials is the use of DOT job descriptions. The vocation expert goes by a book that tells job descriptions according to title. What the VE was reading was no where near my job description but…… The judges have to rule by the book, just sayin!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Denied my case with no witnesses and his whole summary said nothing about my medical problems. He stated my angry was not depression related but that I was an alcoholic! I quit drinking 20 years ago in my youth because I was working out and trying to live healthier. Never had a problem with alcohol so this seems like a libel suit. Also the rest of his dribble said nothing about me and he never said a word about my emphysema, left eye blind, no vision right eye, asthma, or anemia. I worked for 30 years and it was not easy but money went into ssd just in case I needed it. We need to get rid of these judges who get paid from this money that was suppose to be for us. How about they give me the money I put in back and we will call it even? Appeals court agreed with me and yesterday it went back to him. He had me see to doctors both paid for by ss and after checking there records, they both see 100 patients a month for ss and have a 99% record of saying people should be denied. At the hearing the judge hired a neor doctor in Texas to testify. I am in Florida. This guy has a 100% denial record. He also has no experience in Psychiatry and optometry yet he testified that I had no depression and could see fine! When my attorney tried to cross examine this guy evans cut him off and refused all his questions! He would not allow my attorney to question him and when he asked to have his testimony thrown out because of Evans denied it. My attorney said he does this to him all the time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I suffer from uncontrolled epileptic seizures, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, foot drop, severe nerve and muscle damage right leg, nerve damage left leg, and anxiety. Judge Evans denied my disability…I was shocked!..according to his 15 page denial letter, he did not take into consideration the notes from my neurologist, the denial letter stated I have fibromyalgia which I do not have, It was written I have seen doctors in Tampa (um..no… I cannot drive due to seizures)but I live 2 hrs away, and it was shown I was admitted to a facility, when in fact I was not. Judge Evans based his decision upon all of my ER visits due to having grand mal seizures. All the ER doctors were baffled because they are not specialized in seizure disorders and do not realize that 2% of patients on medications still suffer seizures. I have appealed and the appeal was granted. Waiting on another hearing. My conditions have gotten worse. My life has been detrimentally affected due to his lack of investigation and proper research on the evidence that was presented by my attorney. Thumbs down to this judge. He was acting as if he was sitting on the right hand of God that day. Shame on him. I have worked all my life and my medical conditions prevent me from even being able to walk to the mailbox, and seizures several times a week. I feel really bad for the people that will have to go in front of him in the future, especially if you are Caucasian. I was in a prayer group before entering the courtroom. Might I suggest you pray that God will give Judge Evans compassion and pray that God will soften his heart…this denial has absolutely devastated my life, in all ways. Thank you for reading this.

  6. Thomas says:

    Received my long awaited decision, it wasn’t fully favorable but that’s because Judge Evans was fair to both sides. I believe his judgement was impressive because what I read in his findings was a judge that not only took my professional doctors words but also heard my personal battle with my disorders. He made the right decision, I told the complete truth an when he pushed for a answer I didn’t think what was the right or wrong answer I gave him the honest one. If you go in front of him, tell him 100% what it is that’s going on with your disability he listen, but remember he’s very sharp : ) he wants to here the way it is an you show him respect an he returns that in his court room. God bless his decision, he tuff but fair. THOMAS

  7. Andrea Hebner says:

    I had mt disability hearing with Judge Evans..I have (epilepst)seizures,fibromyslgia,osteoarthritis,knee problems….I have tried to get many jobs..andnoone will hire me because of my seizure disorder.They say I would be a liability to their company..Judge Evans Denied my disablility..for my seizures I suppose,,I have been throught the Disability system for 5 years now,trying to get this so I can have a normal life and go to the dictors and get the medications that I need…I am very frustrated with our Disability system..and with Mr.Judge Evans for denying my disability,when I truly need it…thank you for listening…

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