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  1. david says:

    I am 170% disabled and Unemployable thru the dept. of veterans affairs. I saw this judge in jan 2019 and was not only denied, he healed me of my ptsd. “he doesn’t have ptsd”, also depression which never came up. his doctor (in CA.) didn’t remember the case and said he had bits and pieces of my records but was able to make an informed decision and take away my cane and allow me to walk 8 hours a day?.
    adams was also disrespectful in regards to my military service and I don’t appreciate it one bit.

    BOTTOM LINE: he is a criminal acting without supervision or accountability. he belongs in prison. I would sue him if I could afford it.

    DO NOT USE ADAMS, you can request another judge, why my lawyer didn’t is still baffling me after she told me he dont like veterans.

    why am I just now speaking out, I’ve been in pain. and can’t work.

  2. Michele Koval says:

    I have major depressive disorder ( suicidal idiolizations)- lack of interest in care for self and life. Major PTSD my therapist just told me on Tuesday- triggers easily , Social anxiety which turned into agrophobia – I don’t leave my apt. Weeks on end ( it’s my safe haven and I cannot be around crowds ) , Major anxiety disorder (I grind my teeth , I pick at my skin , I eat my dandruff), and I have borderline personify disorder . I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease, fibromyalgia I have had that since my early 20 but I didn’t see doctor for pain until my 30 to get diagnosed , I have arthritis my knees ( and yes when I try to climb stairs or bend they want to give out on me – so screw the mild degenrative arthritis – I fell 2 time once when I was homeless living in a forest on my left knee and another time on cement got bruises . if walk to much which I hadly can’t anymore because of constant pain ..I get bruises on my knee where ice fallen and on my other leg and adema .I have shouder arthrtis showed up in a bone scan I had like in 2012 or something like that . I have arthritis in my C6 C7 and C7 herniated disc . I get neck pain a lot. I have two bulging discs that the spine surgeon found in my upper spine .. I have two bulging discs in my lower spine and early degenerative disc disease . I have sciatica nerve pain down both legs my neurologist know this – I can’t sit for long period not stand because of that pain . I have a combination of insomia and chronic fatigue ( where it feels like you have the flu ..and can’t barely keep your eyes open ). I’m finally going to get that sleep study done so put off I have catacts effecting my near sight vidion. Not ready for that surgery he said until a year or two. Yeah yada yada more. I was denied by this judge ..but hey I was not calling or fitting . I have fricking depression . I could care less about myself . Yet ..I started therapy again .. because another part of me doesn’t like living this way.. I’m always going to struggle .. I’m 42 years old ..he said I was 52 .. my doctors say I’m way to young to have all this ..I think well yeah..then tell me what is causing it. It is not because I am overweight or going through a divorce . Yeah life traumas may have contributed to things . Some are genetic ..my mom had and my sister has depression .. My brother committed suicide ..yet they don’t ask that crap in these cases . They don’t ask to see videos of your life ..or how you can walk ..or if you can .. they just think you can work ..when you know you can’t .. Don’t you think I would give anything in my life to not have any of this .. i would .. and damn..trigger ptsd ..here we go again.. So now I have to appeal ..wish me luck .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had a hearing with this judge and he was absolutely abusive.

    Abusive people have nothing I want. This is a typical case of a person manipulating vulnerable people. The problem is these judges operate above the law. Even the Social Security Administration can’t do much to them.

    I’m reporting him for misconduct and I’ll REFUSE anything from Social Security. I don’t take things from abusers.

    You don’t need to be a genius in math to look at his numbers and know something is seriously wrong. If he were an insurance company he’d be under investigation by the state for his claim-payment record.

  4. Anonymous says:

    judge adams is contemptuous and so blatantly incorrect in his findings that he needs removed from office and/or spend some time in jail for his mail fraud. I received his ruling and found so many mistakes that I am going to confer with my lawyer about charging him with mail fraud, he signed it, he should do the time!

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