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  1. Hello Ms. Krasnow my name is Jameel Kalid. I just read your letter that denied me my disability. I cant believe how dishonest and one sided it was. Let me tell you a little about myself. I started working at 14. I always had a job because I loved working.When I was 29 I was making great money running one of the most busiest restaurants in Reston Town Center.I was the top employee.I got offered another job in a other part of town because they heard about my reputation as being a top employee. So for 4 years I worked two jobs and loved it.Then my Father asked me to come work for him in his restaurant because he was getting older and couldn’t keep up like he used to.But that ment I had to move to Maryland from Virginia. I worked very hard but I missed Virginia. My Father was a strict boss.He had me lifting 70 pound bags of potatoes and onions 15 at a time. Cleaning on my hands and knees.Then one day I was chopping onions and cut my finger off. Over the years my body really started to hurt. I figured it was from getting older but I was only 36
    Yes I had a rough life playing sports and messing around that caused me some injuries like a shattered wrist that never healed, a back injury that completely damaged my L4, L5 leaving them worn down to almost nothing, my rotator cuff completely destroyed, and to many concussions and contusions to count. So as the time went on I felt pretty good. Then one morning in 2012 everything changed. I woke up and felt things that I never felt before. I was extremely fatigued, my bones hurt, my lower back felt like it was broke and then I noticed my hands and feet were completely swollen. I went to the hospital and they couldn’t tell me any answers. I didnt know what to do. As the weeks went by I lost touch with all my friends and had to stop working. .I laid in bed most days looking up my symptoms trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Not one doctor had an answer. Then in August of 2017 I suffered 3 major strokes at the age of 40. After 2 weeks and 100’s of test at George Washington hospital Center they couldn’t tell me why I had the strokes or why I felt terrible everyday. But after the strokes things really took a turn for the worst. My memory was shot and my body experienced weakness like never before. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, low testosterone, edema, memory loss, sleep disorder, muscle loss, and communication problems. My whole life seems to be ruined. Most days I cant even get out of bed. So I applied for disability and got turned down. I then had to move in with my parents because I cant hold down a job because of my conditions. I keep going to the doctor for many reasons and I never get any answers. This makes me very confused of why I cant get approved for disability. How am I soppose to hold down a job when my memory is so bad I have trouble knowing what day it even is. My disability judge how no knowledge of any of my conditions and it seemed he didnt even want to be bothered with hearing about them. I would give anything to work and have a job but I’m just not capable of holding down one. I’m loosing everything because my judge didnt want to hear about my case. Tell me what should my next step be??
    Thank you Jameel Kalid (240)681-8913

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