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  1. What i don’t realize is in truth how you’re now not actually much more smartly-appreciated than you may be now. You are so intelligent. You realize therefore considerably on the subject of this topic, produced me personally believe it from numerous numerous angles. Its like women and men are not involved except it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs outstanding. Always take care of it up!

  2. Cindy L Campbell says:

    I didn’t give those 5 stars why because the day I got my denials this the day I had hours to live not days

  3. Cindy L Campbell says:

    Mr judge Malcolm Ross my name is Cindy Campbell and I’m sure by now you know who I am ..you need to please follow YOUR court order and make a court date or hey make it easy on yourself and just to approve my disability I don’t give up I don’t anyway please have your secretary the 70 day WAIVER notice was sent to you

  4. Rossneedstodie says:

    Recently, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with two young men of color who worked for ICE. After they bragged to me how much they made.
    My next question was, “how do you live with that ethically?” Neither had an answer and stared at me dumbfounded.
    If you deliver tyranny with the excuse, “I’m just doing my job.” You are lying to yourself. You ARE the problem.
    Malcolm Ross is a dimwitted, elitist, misogynistic, waste of Earth’s precious resources, tyrant who profits off the destruction of others.
    I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart that I hope Malcolm, his wife, and daughter all die horrible, excruciatingly painful, humiliating deaths. It would bring me joy to hear this happened. I would feel relief that the world has been eradicated of this truly worthless bloodline.

  5. Ayla says:

    I wrote a completely legal statement about Malcolm Ross on here, because he’s a worthless scum sucking lawyer who knows nothing about anything medical or psychological and made a very disgusting decision on my case which is completely wrong. Social Security sent one of their henchmen to my house to shut me up (apparently, you don’t really have free speech in America). Now, Social Security has my medical file so they knew exactly what they were doing when said henchman came to my house (with a sign right on the door that says, “do not knock, occupant works nights). I have PPD and a severe case of PTSD. This henchman pounded on my front door very loudly for at least fifteen minutes, went in circles around my house, pounding on my windows, yelling at the windows, pounded on my back door and then disclosed information about my medical situation to a neighbor. Of course when I called the henchman, I was angry, I have PTSD and the slimball triggered me! I stated verbally and in writing that I was no danger to myself or anyone else. Revenge can be legal. I mean I cussed out the henchman (Scott Jones is his name) but made very clear that I did not mean any illegal threats to anyone. I’ve been triggered for over a week because the dolts at Social Security don’t like when you speak your mind (no matter how legal that speak is)! Guess what, I’ve been banned from entering a Social Security office because I’m too crazy but apparently, I am sane enough to work. How preposterous is it that the very organization that we pay for to turn to when we become disabled, not only deny people even way more sick than I am (which is pretty bad) But they actually make you worse. So, if I were alone in this world (like many people are), I would not only have zero income ever, I’d also be so triggered and sick. Let’s think about that before we judge the homeless people you see on the side of the streets. The Social Security Administration and nasty, evil, apathetic creeps like Malcolm Ross create many of those people’s situations. Malcolm Ross, I hope your wife gets PTSD and you are no longer able to work for some reason. You and she deserve to feel the suffering you caused my husband and me.

  6. Malcolmsworstnighmare says:

    Malcolm Ross is stupid and lazy, maybe that’s why he so fat, because he’s lazy. The moron denied my case based on his opinions about something medical which are refuted and proven wrong by any and every piece of literature about what I have. This jerk was just too lazy to pick something up and read it. This is the problem with people with legal backgrounds making medical decisions, it makes no sense. If I don’t win on appeal, I will get revenge, I swear.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very, VERY disappointed. Was lied to and told I was going to be accepted, all I needed was an updated psych eval. Being someone with severe agoraphobia with panic disorder, debilitating anxiety, ptsd, and major depression, it was not only extremely difficult for me to even get to the hearing (having pulled over multiple times due to me getting sick) but also getting to this psych eval. I finally made it in to my psychiatrist and got the added diagnosis requested, to no avail, I was STILL DENIED. (even having MULTIPLE diagnosis that are qualifying disabling conditions) Receiving a 12 page letter on my birthday telling me I’ve been lying about everything, just about pushed me over the edge. Making a desicion based on 6 different therapists’ NOTES, which I may add were completely misleading and full of false misinterpreted information. I feel completely failed by the system.. I have pushed myself so hard to meet these requirements and show how horribly I am surviving, how badly I need the help to get back on my feet. I needed that help more than you’ll ever realize. I now haven’t left my house for a year again, since receiving that denial. So thank you for completing ignoring my heartfelt nervously presented self explanation of misery and making your desicion based on someone else’s words that only saw me briefly before moving to a new job. Now my DSHS cash benefits are being taken from me, the measly $190 I have been living on,because you denied my case even though it’s clear as day to anyone else, that I am disabled. I can’t do side jobs. I can’t work from home with no internet connection. Thank you judge.. I am not strong enough to start all over just to jump through hoops that almost defeated me, only to be called a liar and be cut off from the only income I have to even try to help myself. My testimony doesn’t match my records because my records were WRONG. Currently fighting my insurance to cover my telemental health therapy visits I was blessed to discover, paying out of pocket from that state money that is about to get taken from me. I guess 5 years stuck in a house isn’t long enough for you. It’s no wonder so many people choose to quit fighting. I will be filing civil action

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