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  1. RPK says:

    This judge barked at me during my hearing and ignored my doctor’s statement about my health. He also added things in his decision that I didn’t say at my hearing. He denied my case before I even walked in the door. His mind was already made up.

  2. Tyree Johnson says:

    Hello my name is tyree Johnson the reason I missed my court hearing I was going thru an living situation i was living with my grandmother she passed away this past December I have alot of updated medical information for my file . I’m going thru some mental issues I have been diagnosed permanently disable I’m now recieving homecare at this time I’m recieving treatment at an spinal doctor I’m been trying to reach out to my lawyer that’s working on my case I really appreciate it if I can get some updates information on what’s going on with my case i can be reached at *** *** ****.

  3. Brandy says:

    I was just recently in his courtroom on my son behalf. He spoke to my child with respect listened to him and when it was my turn to speak about my son I asked if my child could be excused from the room which he allowed. He asked me questions and he really listened to what i had to say. This judge does care and he shows respect and listen. Thank you

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