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  1. Josh says:

    Bottom line, Weaver and Digby are hands down the worst two judges in this mediocre hearing office. I could tell some stories. If you get one of those two, consider your case denied. In almost every case, you’re far better off to withdraw the claim and re-file it, hopefully in a different geographical location so you don’t end up in front of the same bad judge. Mallette Richey has a soft touch with claimants, but don’t let that fool you. She doesn’t have very good numbers either, and they seem to be getting worse in recent years. At least she isn’t bull-headed and personally offensive like the other two I mentioned.

  2. Wayne says:

    Judge Richie is a stupid woman. How the crap does she think someone can work who can’t walk. She doesn’t care about anyone but her own pocket. She is paid to say NO, Denied, Etc….

  3. Pamela L Tackett says:

    I had my hearing on 2-2-2021. I am waiting on a decision. Praying that I get approved. This has been a long 8. 1/2 years since I signed up. I have had 5 neck surgeries and need more surgeries and I’m in worse shape now than I was before my first surgery. Would love to be working but I am not able to do so This decision is so important to me because it determines if I can get a check and help pay bills. It’s a struggle every month to pay bills and I feel worthless because I can’t work but yet have no money coming in to help pay bills. So please Judge Richey if u will let me know soon that I have been approved. My family and I would be so grateful ?

  4. Deborah wallace says:

    This judge was very nice and asked a lot of questions. She seemed like a caring judge . But, it has been 3 months since I had my hearing and I still don’t know anything yet. My life is just barely hanging in there waiting on a decision. I have 2 minor children at home I am struggling to support. I am a single mother. I hope I hear something soon. I really need this. The drs are sending me to a pain clinic now, my condition is getting worse.

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