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  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, I had my hearing in front of this judge today and I (and my attorney) thought it went well. The judge was a very attentive listener while my attorney presented our case. He didn’t ask me, my attorney, or the vocational expert any questions, just took in the medical facts of the case, which I took as a good sign! I’m hoping that means we presented a strong appeal. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Alden Bouza says:

    Very professional judge and is very fair when considering medical evidence.

  3. Karen F says:

    Thank you for researching and finding out about scleroderma. It is a rare disease that has affected so many of us by attacking our hands, joints and internal organs. We have lost so many patients to this horrible disease. Ten percent of us with scleroderma also get Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in which the scleroderma has attacked the lungs. I have scleroderma, pulmonary hypertension and breast cancer. Thank you for helping Shelley Miller get the disability verdict she needed.

  4. Sherri Dowdy says:

    My mother has Scleroderma and I see her pain and suffering every day that never ends. For her she was already retired before she was overwhelmed by this disease but had she not been there is no way she could have continued to work. The decision to grant Shelley Miller disability is a step in the right direction for those that suffer daily with Scleroderma. Thank you for being opened minded about a disease most people do not understand.

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