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  1. Deb says:

    Great judge who always listened and issued solid decisions. Sorry that he retired. So many Omaha judges are well past retirement and unrealistic, or hacks who just want to deny benefits.

  2. Dana says:

    Derserves no stars and they removed my previous post. Let my disability funds runout but then I could apply for SSI got in 6 months after fighting disability for 10 years. My check 9.68 that’s right no typo. Then I had to restitution back three times said husband made to much money. I have been through a nightmare do to this nymph. Oh and I got my hearing aids even though you said my hearing was fine. When a bird whistle in your ear

  3. michael e hayslett says:

    so happy got approved by JUDGE MARC MATES very nice and did his job very well got approved on MAY 19 2017 wish somebody could help me on back pay lights been cut off once already cant go to ear dr. tube half way out hurting bad no gas money washer AND dryer messed up could not get all my medicine last month WHY wont they send me my check can somebody PLEASE HELP ME THANKS have a blessed day

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bad Judge- seems nice on the surface but has now denied two legitimate claims of mine for no good reason, that no other rational judge would have denied. Be prepared even on strong claim for a denial- strongly recommend not doing a video hearing if you can avoid it because both denials were video hearings.

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