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  1. Jade jones says:

    Judge marcus christ is not the judge to have if you have anxiety and chronic pain. He completely left them out of his judgement. He also completely ignore the vocational expert saying the missed days these cause will make me unqualified to work the jobs she found. Gives great cause to appeal but these are basic things he should know how to do and document by now. Its sad people like him get to make terrible ruling that hurt the disabled.

  2. jms says:

    A year ago I had my hearing for back pay on my ssd. Which was remanded to judge christ by a federal judge Bianco , judge christ did not follow judge Biancos orders, and it’s likely he didn’t read the order throughly. Judge Christ came out of the box stating that he could rule against me and I would lose the ssd that I did have , so he did not rule in my favor and it is in appeals right now . I’ve been waiting 7 years I need my funds .. things are not getting better

  3. Catherine B. says:

    JUDGE CHRIST MARCUS,.. you are one of the most compassion person I ve come across in my lifetime. …you are the blessing I prayed to GOD for. my case was over the phone October 2020. if you are reading this, you will know who I am, the one with the server female problem, who desperately needed help, whom you gave the benefit of the doubt… I received a call from SSA a couple of days ago to tell me the GOOD NEWS….but I knew in my heart that everything was going to be alright before they called days ahead. …I needed this so much..someone from the SSA office wanted me to appeal the date you said I became Disable…I told them NO!!…because your honor,.. it wasn’t about the MONEY.. it was about the help I need, it was about my health, my well being…. my main objective is to get well and go BACK INTO THE WORKFORCE… this is a second chance for me, and I WILL BE PROACTIVE about my health, to see that happens. …by GOD’S grace you made a difference to me. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  4. SPLC says:

    Is pleasant to rep and claimant. Does not ask for opening or closing, but will allow if asked. Does not ask a bunch of questions. Hearing was very quick, but didn’t feel rushed.

  5. So discouraged, dont know what else to do says:

    I had my case before judge Christ on February 2014… As with anyone I was nervous and very stressed from the process… I felt that my case was treated unfair because though I only have a temporary handicap placard I have days that I experience severe pain… I have several different specialist that I see and im on at least 10 to 15 meds, yet I was denied for benefits… I swell, I drop things, I get nervous and uneasy around people sometimes… I have ibs, fibromylagia, asthma, endometriosis, bipolar disorder, migraines, insomia, dizzy spells… Im sure its not considered disability because its not shown on the outside, but I have visual photos and have had different procedures done due to my illness and still receiving ongoing treatment… Why is it hard for those who have paid into social security so difficult to get whats due to them when they have medical issues… Doctors dont prescribe meds to those whom are well and I wouldnt have to be seen by doctors and specialist for nothing… Now, I understand why a lot of people be depressed and cant survive… Our rights are being stripped by the government…. Its embarrassing when u cant feel comfortable out in public and live a normal everyday life…

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