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  1. Betsy hernandez says:

    Im the pemphigus ladys daughter and we are gonna post her condition world wide to get help for our mom in jesus name thnk you

  2. Pemohigus lady says:

    I appologise if some of my words may apoear uggly because my hands are bandage a nd can nt write so gud

  3. Betsy hernandez says:

    Im not judging but she did listen thnk God although that person that spoke as far as me being able to do house keeping ect ,when i suffer from paraneoplastic pemphigus and heart isdues chronic migrains this incyrable immune disease for many years is in my brains painful pussy sores from head to toe cant be exposed to heat or cold open puss wombs that feel like i got papper cuts my hands are bandage and feets cant wear close shoes puss every wear causes high fever bloating nasea lost of smell tast sores in my mouth nose eye lids u name it cant do nothing how can iwork dizzy throwen up or touch any kind of chemicals im living in a bubble cant even make a sandwich or go to the potty.how iv been to 200 dermatalogist they all turn me down shaking their heads im soooo sorry they scared i cant work how can i get treatment in texas wea they hve medicine no one cares no one knows how much i cry everyday prsying god please god help me my case is pending theres alot of ppl reciving cheks and gov housing u name it and working selling their foodstamps and im pratcly in a bubble crying in pain trying to get help and nothing gonna get evicted and helping my gran naby disable as well please judges my judge margret creige help me get my disability its been 3 yesrs so i can get on treatment please i beg you help me God will bless you its been years and yeasrs now suffereing please judge margaret creige gbu may God touch your heart my name is betsy hernandez w gar advocte thnk u gbu

  4. Diana Mannon says:

    Margaret Craig will see through the outdated VE — Vocational Experts opinion on what jobs I can do in the national economy. ODOT is outdated since 1991 a new OIS to be used in 2020.

    In a previous post I mention I have tremors…
    I wouldn’t be able to do this because it requires me to use my hands to place a mark, a price on boxes, etc. The way I shake there is no telling where that marker/price will end up!!!
    This involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands
    Retail marker 209587034 250 k jobs nationally
    209.587-034 MARKER (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: marking clerk; merchandise marker; price marker; ticket maker

    Marks and attaches price tickets to articles of merchandise to record price and identifying information: Marks selling price by hand on boxes containing merchandise, or on price tickets. Ties, glues, sews, or staples price ticket to each article. Presses lever or plunger of mechanism that pins, pastes, ties, or staples ticket to article. ay record number and types of articles marked and pack them in boxes. May compare printed price tickets with entries on purchase order to verify accuracy and notify supervisor of discrepancies. ay print information on tickets, using ticket-printing machine [TICKETER (any industry); TICKET PRINTER AND TAGGER (garment)].
    GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

    I wouldn’t be able to do this because it requires me to use my hands to place a stamp, readdress an envelope when I can’t write. So many problems with me doing this job!!!!The way I shake there is no telling where the stamp will end up!!!
    This involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands

    209.687-026 MAIL CLERK (clerical) alternate titles: mailroom clerk; mail sorter; postal clerk

    Sorts incoming mail for distribution and dispatches outgoing mail: Opens envelopes by hand or machine. Stamps date and time of receipt on incoming mail. Sorts mail according to destination and type, such as returned letters, adjustments, bills, orders, and payments. Readdresses undeliverable mail bearing incomplete or incorrect address. Examines outgoing mail for appearance and seals envelopes by hand or machine. Stamps outgoing mail by hand or with postage meter. ay fold letters or circulars and insert in envelopes [FOLDING-MACHINE OPERATOR (clerical) 208.685-014]. May distribute and collect mail. May weigh mail to determine that postage is correct. May keep record of registered mail. May address mail, using addressing machine [ADDRESSING-MACHINE OPERATOR (clerical) 208.582-010]. May be designated according to type of mail handled as Mail Clerk, Bills (clerical).
    GOE: 07.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 87

    This one could be possible if it’s okay to sort and fold them like a 4 year did it. I can still iron, but get burnt from shaking. Hmmmm workers comp?
    Garment sorter 222687014 60 k job national

    222.687-014 GARMENT SORTER (garment)

    Sorts finished garments, such as shirts, dresses, and pajamas, according to lot and size numbers recorded on tags and labels attached to garments. May fold and package garments in boxes and bags. May iron garments prior to folding [PRESSER, HAND (any industry)]. May be designated according to garment sorted as Shirt Sorter (garment).
    GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

    Again this involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands. My doctors note numerous times in my record how I drop things from shaking.
    Office Helper 239567010 225 k Jobs nationally

    239.567-010 OFFICE HELPER (clerical)

    Performs any combination of following duties in business office of commercial or industrial establishment: Furnishes workers with clerical supplies. Opens, sorts, and distributes incoming mail, and collects, seals, and stamps outgoing mail. Delivers oral or written messages. Collects and distributes paperwork, such as records or timecards, from one department to another. Marks, tabulates, and files articles and records. May use office equipment, such as envelope-sealing machine, letter opener, record shaver, stamping machine, and transcribing machine. May deliver items to other business establishments [DELIVERER, OUTSIDE (clerical) 230.663-010]. May specialize in delivering mail, messages, documents, and packages between departments of establishment and be designated Messenger, Office (clerical). May deliver stock certificates and bonds within and between stock brokerage offices and be designated Runner (financial).
    GOE: 07.07.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

    As I said you’d be lucky if you got Judge Margaret Craig. She listened and the look on her face when the VE gave her answers for jobs available in the national economy was priceless. Like really that job doesn’t exist anymore.

  5. Diana Mannon says:

    Judge Margaret Craig — she seemed to be firm, understanding, and compassionate with a no nonsense approach. But, I will appeal if not approved. I went to the SSA offce to get a CD of my case.

    1. There are medical records in my CD that belong to a male.
    2. The recorded report list my condition as trimmers? I have Tremors, not something you cut a bush with.
    3. There are errors in what I responded to the judge.
    4. There are duplicate medical records which will make it more time consuming for the judge to view my case.
    5. I should have viewed the CD before the hearing and corrected mistakes that I could. But, I thought the Attorney’s assistant did this. My mistake!!!
    6. If I did not speak English the grid rules would have already found me disabled. The Penalty for being an American and paying SS taxes since I was 18.

    I am 52 and my main disabilities are essential tremors and severe migraines. I feel both my upper arms not being able to do simple task, meet the listing for Parkinson’s. I can not type or write. I use a mic voice recorder to type, and go back and correct errors slowly and frustratingly. I was on FMLA for my migraines before leaving my last job. The manager found ways to make my job more stressful because of the fmla. The evaluations from my job are included in my case showing I have difficulty with supervisors. But, it’s the other way around the Supervisors have difficulty understanding my set backs and cause me to lash out. Forcing me to quit. This was my last hope. I can’t even fill out an application and yes for the type of lower wage job that I would qualify for they have paper applications still. I believe this judge asked many of the right questions. The RFC isn’t accurate that was applied. Lift 20 pounds occasionally 10 pounds constantly. Never, I have fibromyalgia too and yes I would struggle to lift the weight she specified, but the next few days I wouldn’t be able to move or allow anyone to touch me.
    I believe eventually the whole picture of my disabled life will be seen in those records with what I explained to Judge Margaret Craig. You’d be lucky to get her in my opinion.

  6. Robin Arnold says:

    I felt comfortable with this judge. I actually feel like she listened to what i had to say.

  7. Tasharrya Morris says:

    Judge Magaret Craig seemed to be a very nice and polite judge. I felt at ease with her. I feel the hearing went smooth but you never know!! So now I’m only awaiting a decision which should be made in 2 weeks. I still believe she was an awesome judge regardless of the decision she makes on my case.

  8. lissa Baker says:

    I didnt rate

  9. Lissa baker says:

    I really felt comfortable with this judge. My lawyer on the other had was terrible, spoke to him only time for 3 minutes before we went in and he did not give some of my medical records to the judge until morning of hearing. I have tests my docters want to do but cant afford them due to all the money spent getting my medical records. It is hard for a judge to do thier job if the lawyer doesnt do his. Now ii have to wait until Nov. For another hearing. I want my spouse to be able to go in there with me because i just cant remember things and my lawyer didnt help at all. I told my lawyer i need to put my feet up cause i felt i will pass out-nope. Well after hearing passed out, my spouse got me in a chair by hisself. It gets me upset the government is paying for college, but i am not old enough for home care. At this point its a desition between bills/food and docts/medicine. I dont want to die and my husband everyday wonders if today is the day. HELP

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