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  1. Victim of the anti judge Maggie witch!!!! says:

    Burn in hell liar!!! Hell is where demonic witches like you belong!!!!

  2. Tutall says:

    Flat out lying evil demon in a black robe!!!!!

  3. Margaret the lying judge!!!! says:

    Angry, bitter, just pure evil!!!! Stop using your position to further ruin the lives of obviously disabled people just because you’re such a horrible person!!! You’re disgusting!! You actually lied about me just so you could deny my case!!!

  4. Just another victim says:

    Horrible judge. Wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. She basically answered her questions herself. I had no say in anything. I felt like I was already denied the moment she stepped in the room.
    The vocation expert is just her little minion. He claimed that I’m eligible to work jobs that I have no ability to work. I can’t walk but I should be a security job? Seriously?

  5. J.K. Loveless says:

    Has to be about the most disgusting, lowest form of humanoid I’ve ever experienced. Lies, lies, lies. Couldn’t cut it as a real attorney so ended up with a government job where she can be an angry, evil, robe wearing freak.

  6. Jim L says:

    Just absolutely God awful. Lies and makes things up. Must be getting off on a power trip denying people just because she can. Such a disgusting excuse for a human being. Burn in hell!!!!!

  7. James Loveless says:

    Beelzebub in a black robe!!! May God help you if you get this evil, horrible woman as your judge!!!!

  8. James Loveless says:

    Why can these so called “judges” lie and make things up? Is there some reward for denying disability help to people that are very obviously disabled? Why is such a horrible person in a position to destroy lives like her lies are doing? It’s so not fair and very horrible!

  9. James Loveless says:

    Horrible judge, liar!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pray that you dont get this one Judge Judy

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