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  1. Mike Bud says:

    I think she is by the book. Fair that is. If you are truly disabled, then she will judge your case favorably. Remember, your condition must fall in the Fed’s guidelines.

  2. My case was unfavorable denied l have my high and low moments everyday from chronic pain brainfog CPTSD anxiety PTSD psychosis paranoia schizophrenic effects halluationation delusion pain migraines stiffness swelling hypertension osteoarthritis scoliosis carpal tunnel vision gluacoma sleep apnea DJD bilateral knees back pain barely walk take shower no bath hard getting in and out of tub.. headache, numbness burning stings in hand foot legs lumbar spine issue nightmare daily of killing people trying to kill me by chasing on foot bikes cars animals and some. Obesity from not having appetite walking medication emotional fatigue Gerd balance confusion childhood rape molested robbed fondle guns place to head 15 car wrecks, head concussion immediately family deaths mother and siblings, getting along well with others is awful, stabbed several ex’s in fights let go from jobs insubordination slow worker cognitive behavioral outburst ADHD and some. I didn’t speak as much as I should have on situation besides judge using documents from three yrs ago not able to visit top doctor with no insurance income hadn’t worked in two to three yrs because health and safety plus. My God bless all by character and integrity attitude personality and trusties. I’m hurting and many more that is pure intense.

  3. KBC says:

    Happy to say I got denied, deep down I didn’t want to be controlled by the governement. I Just pray that those people like myself that are truthful, get the money they worked for. Being stuck in your room more then what you are outside is not easy to deal with. If you get denied dont worry, pray to God and he will hear you. If you follow God the right way he will provide. God spoke to me and told me that if I cant work to learn to live by faith and that is what I will do! GOD WILL PROVIDE

  4. Nathan Thompson says:

    She seemed to care and the vocational expert answered “No” to every question regarding whether I could hold down employment……. still denied.

    I hope she lives happily with herself while I debate whether to walk into traffic or check into a psych ward. I can’t get benefits and can’t work. There’s no hope

  5. Jaclyn jean-baptiste says:

    My name is Jaclyn Jean Baptiste. Judge Gabell heard my case in August 2016. She was very nice & she seems to be very thorough when it comes to her cases. Its been 6 months & i still didnt get an answer yet, but not judge Gabells fault. She had to subpoena for my medical records. I beleive if the place would of given her my records when first initially asked then she would of been able to make her decision. Thank you Judge Gabell.

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