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  1. Aclane says:

    Had a wonderful experience. I don’t know what the outcome is yet but she made me feel comfortable and I wasn’t there very long. Even if I don’t get it this time I will have to say thank you for a easy experience

  2. Wanda godfrey howard says:

    I was denied based on lies nothing was about me I don’t know exactly what happen but you need to call me I’m looking into legal Assistance I have not had any help from any goverment and not worked in 5 years and I’m disabled I can’t work somebody took something from me and if it takes the rest of my I will find out who you need to call me and read me my papers cause I don’t know what they do say if you call justice something was put on my record I don’t know what said I was military I’ve never been in trouble in my life or never in the military you did something bad you say I was disabled from 2019 to 2022 I want my money .only cause I never got a dime it’s so much you need to call me I want an explanation u owe me that

  3. Darrell Clark says:

    Judge Margo Stone is a wonderful person.

  4. Paula Kaye Taylor says:

    Even after ALL professionals said I needed surgery and help, I was denied–based solely on my skin color. Judge Stone is a racist and should be removed–IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of my associate’s disability doctor’s were disregarded, most bizzare I know. The only reason I can gather is that he was racially discriminated against, after further investigation of her lifestyle. She runs marathons in attire regarding to race, as her shirts are often boldly labeled with the words “black girls run”. After looking further, I noticed she mostly associates with people of her race and culture. I am not blind to the bitterness, and I am able recognize subliminal racism, and it is very prominent in today’s time. So, I am left wondering how our high officials do not see it, and better yet, now that I’ve pointed it out, what do they plan to do about it? Racism=hate=division. Division is in the justice system.

    A curious black woman

  6. Tiesha H says:

    She is a beautiful lady inside out. She listened to me and was very compassionate towards what I was going through. I would recommend her if I could but I know when it comes to the hearings you never know who you are going to get. She just made my hearing a bit lighter. It’s hard doing something like that with all my mental illnesses in front of a judge. Margo Stone made it like we were just talking. Very kind and laid back judge. Rather she approve me or not she made my hearing better even with my tears and pain she helped me out mentally. Awesome lady just awesome! We had our hearing on 08/02/16.

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