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  1. Ashleigh says:

    My mom had her hearing on June 28th. She has all new records and she requested a supplemental hearing in which we got a date for November. We faxed in the documentation that states we will appear. My mom’s PCP and her neurologist wrote very detailed statements. My moms condition has declined and she meets the social security blue book official guidelines and the criteria for those guidelines. I am very confused we got a letter today that was sent to Joe Pitts pa state Rep n all it says is unfavorable decision and my mom has not even had her supplemental hearing yet. I’m calling the adjudicators office on Monday my mom has cognitive impairment she cannot remember things it’s written in stone plus records going back to 2013 for very severe mental health and ongoing treatment plus cops and degenerative disc disease scoliosis spondylosis I have no idea what is going on it makes absolutely no sense

  2. Carol L. says:

    I found Judge Nunez to be both fair and professional. Her questions were comprehensive and clearly reflected familiarity with my case. She listened carefully to me, as well as, my attorney and the job expert and treated us all with respect. This was an unexpected, positive experience for me and I am grateful Judge Nunez heard my case.

  3. Sheila Callahan says:

    I like her and I think she is doing her job very well. My son had a hearing with Judge Nunez on September 18th 2015. More evidence is being submitted and then we will wait for the verdict. I pray everything will work out but if it doesn’t I know that everything was fair.

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