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  1. Michael Naughton says:

    The system may be broken evolving to embelishers and fakers rather then the real broken people with real problems. Marie is fair to the system which is good for all. Shes also fair to the claimant which is good for the real disabled Americans who did their part for as long as possible. Judges like this bridge the gap away from systemic problems and back to the safe guard for Americans that Social Security should be.

  2. Michael says:

    The hearing was a video hearing. Which didnt bother me until I was there. It was not as easy to follow as one would like. The judge is a great judge. She actually cares. She wasn’t in a hurry and it was as comfortable as possible for a humiliating experience in general.
    *bring tissues especially if light stress or screens can cause headaches. There is none provided

  3. BK says:

    Judge Palachuk was so calming and kind. Her clerk was so nice.

  4. Patricia Liston says:

    Very warm and fair judge.

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