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  1. Shawnneka Tanika Watkins says:

    Dear judge Marissa pizutto, long time judge , how have you been, me ain’t nothing change judge, I thought since you presided over my hearing, I thought 8f anything went wrong I thought I could cone back to you, As you know I and to leave Dr Elizabeth Donahue alone for beteying me. She started doing so right after your decision, but once my money went missing I said let me leave her alone, yes judge I tried 4 different mental health clinics ,but for some reason somebody keeps advising them not to help me. And I’m not gonna keep missing my health insurance on wasteful doctors who ain’t trying to help me, see all that in your decision repeated history it continues, non stop, only thing I’m greatful for is that I’ve learned to not to allow nobody to pull this illness out,. You my mother was very upset when I came to for help and you turned me away, I thought the judge who handles the case is the person you take it back too.that social security office ain’t trying to fix the situation , they think it’s funny ,and a joke, I see nothing avout what has gone on for 10 yrs a joke. So im requesting a hearing with you so I can become my own payee, I suppose to have an apt on Jan 24, to b honest with you judge with all due respect I’d rather have a sit down with is that possible judge? I’m very upset and fed-up how else am I suppose to feel , I need my income judge so I can getvon with my life, here’s my # judge I would appreciate a call back judge 347 777 8352, than you shawnneka watkins

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you judge Pizzuto for being fair and balanced. The fact that your also very caring towards the claimants makes the experience of appearing before you all the more enjoyable.

  3. Robert says:

    Judge Marissa A Pizzuto was the judge that was in charge of my SSDI case in 2011. She was passionate and understanding when asking questions and listening to my response. Judge Marissa made me feel comfortable as in any court proceeding one would tend to be nervous.
    Judge Marissa ruled a fully favorable decision on my clam and I wish to thank her for her professionalism and caring in my SSDI case.

  4. Michael G. says:

    Judge Marissa A Pizzuto is a caring, compassionate and understanding Judge. Her sincere display of kindness and concern for my well being was truly amazing and very much appreciated!! She’s a very professional Judge who is heartfelt and genuine. My family and I are so grateful that I was assigned such an intelligent and patient Judge who really cares!! Thank you so much, “Your Honor”. Sincerely…Michael G.

  5. chris ricci says:

    On behalf of myself and my son thank you for being a true professional. People who serve their country deserve the respect u display.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pearl of judge

  7. Anonymous says:

    god blass you and your families i wait for hearing just im pray

  8. Anonymous says:

    god bless you

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