3.5 based on 2 reviews


  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw Judge Clayton on Valentine’s Day 2019 and the judge really listened to everything I had to say. He looked at every piece of paperwork I had, even ones my doctor hadn’t sent to him yet or he had not received before the hearing (2 appts were day before hearing). He was very fair and asks many questions about conditions, work, abilities, activities, etc. He was a great judge and I would say one of the best Greene County has.

  2. Alan Baker says:

    we went to court but it doesn’t seem like they do what the judge says

  3. Anonymous says:

    unfavorable to most cases. I agree he is pleasant, but he is content in knowing who pays his salary and doing what he is told. Not an adjudicator, but a government employee.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had one hearing with this judge by video. He was very pleasant, calm, professional. He asked for an opening statement and then he did a fairly thorough questioning of the claimant. He covered full range of hypos with VE. He is clearly on the conservative side with his award rate.

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