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  1. Dwessie A Hightower says:

    Injury Slayer trauma

  2. Rose Laird says:

    Why do disability cases get rescheduled so often? A February date for a hearing has already been pushed to March. This is the third time it’s been rescheduled. Are there not enough judges to hear the cases?
    Documentation has been submitted.
    A family of five, whose father was the primary worker, suffered a heart attach almost three years ago.he was a truck driver that had to give up his CDL.

  3. Roger Robinson says:

    He used me going to church against me he used me lifting weights when I was a teenager against me in the present I bought firewood for my wood stove which I haven’t had for years and he claimed I chopped wood didn’t bring any of this up during the hearing sent this vicious list of reasons why not none of them true seemed like a personal vendetta

  4. David Sopkowiak says:

    Your report listed several reasons you denied my wife’s case. I truly believe she was denied because of her ethnicity.
    She has no idea I’m sending this e-mail. She has resigned herself to the fact that some things never change.
    I assume this e-mail is private and I intend no public accusations.

  5. anomyous says:

    I have been trying to get disability for 10 years this is like my 4th attempt and I had a remand for the federal judges they did not even do what they were supposed to giving weight to my diagnosing docter. This judge acted nice but he was not fair at all he even did his job in his ruling if you have any kind of Mental Health issue my advice is too try and fix it on your own or if possible apply in a higher ranking approval state honestly all these people care about is finding bogus reasons to deny you around here they don’t care if you live or die or about beinf fair even tehy went with a docter who did not like me all the way back 5 years ago over my treating docter and another who diagnosed me with 2 of their own who had never even seem me such bs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I saw Judge Clayton on Valentine’s Day 2019 and the judge really listened to everything I had to say. He looked at every piece of paperwork I had, even ones my doctor hadn’t sent to him yet or he had not received before the hearing (2 appts were day before hearing). He was very fair and asks many questions about conditions, work, abilities, activities, etc. He was a great judge and I would say one of the best Greene County has.

  7. Alan Baker says:

    we went to court but it doesn’t seem like they do what the judge says

  8. Anonymous says:

    unfavorable to most cases. I agree he is pleasant, but he is content in knowing who pays his salary and doing what he is told. Not an adjudicator, but a government employee.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had one hearing with this judge by video. He was very pleasant, calm, professional. He asked for an opening statement and then he did a fairly thorough questioning of the claimant. He covered full range of hypos with VE. He is clearly on the conservative side with his award rate.

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