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  1. Quon says:

    I see Mr Judge man Mark and boss man Dean this week. I say to mr judge, you are feeble and weak, you need disability.I say wake -up mr Judge as he sleeping. he so old, he says me get my letter by pony express. i say to judge man mark, go home, retire and feed your cats. he say he like cats but no eat them.

  2. quon says:

    My sun turneded 21. time for him to earn some money.. I tell him to go see Mr. judge Mark and his bossman Mr. Dean. tell him dog has 3 legs and ball is square. i find out mr judge mark fired by his bossman Mr Dean. when check come?, bossman dean?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sooo glad he is finally gone. He is a very unkind person and denied everyone he could no matter how disabled. I wish him what he has dealt to others.

  4. Joy Brewer says:

    I used to work for Judge Ramsey. He is the pillar of concern, empathy and fairness. I sat thru many, many hearings and listened to some very sad stories. I also learned a lot about the human equation from him. Judge Ramsey is the judge I would want to stand before if I were a claimant.

  5. Quon says:

    I forget to say Mr, Marks boss man Dean is very nice.

  6. Quon says:

    Mr. Mark is a very good judge. He tell me I’m not sick and get a job. I listen to him. My cousin tell me to tell him that ball is not round. I say no and get a job. I now have job and a American wife. She says I need money and get another check. I get two jobs. My wife get fod stamps and ssi. my life is happy thank you mr, judge.

  7. Deb says:

    After reading these comments, I was terrified of having Judge Ramsey for my hearing. I dont know if I was approved or not, but wanted to say, he was friendly, professional, and even spoke to me off the record personally. I do have to say, make sure you have a competent attorney to go with you. The fee is worth the piece of mind. So, if you get Judge Ramsey, all is not bad and everyone has different experiences. All the stress of this process, is hard enough, without having more to worry about. Good Luck everyone who unfortunately has to go thru this process.

  8. Karen says:

    He is a bad Judge. He is unprofessional and unfriendly.

  9. Marion says:

    This civil servant lives in an Ivory Tower. I don’t have insurance, because I can’t work. No doctor is going to send me to a specialist when I cannot afford to pay. Three physicians told him I cannot work, but he ignored them and took the word from an ex convict whom I haven’t seen in over 5 years which he is NOT suppose to do. I agree with the other poster, but what comes around will indeed go
    around to him. He’s good at calling people liars and unfit in their jobs. He deserves to lose his own job for being incompetent and lying about written testimony from those who actually know my case and live with me daily.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I believe that this judge allows personal feelings to interfere with his duty as a civil servant. I hope that something happens in his life where he understands the pain and suffering that the victims of his incompetence experience. He has no feelings or care for the people that have the misfortune of having him preside over. I feel the state should look at this record and consider taking his license away. I am disgusted with what is allowed to sit on the bench and pretend to be human in this state.

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