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  1. Dee Christensen says:

    Judge Ziercher is very thorough and I think fair, although I have not received a decision. My case was unusual and somewhat complicated and he has extended the time to evaluate and get more information.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I had my hearing with him on November 6, 2017. He has a very direct, no nonsense attitude. I feel that he listened to my problems and gave the the attention they needed. Im patiently waiting on a decision to come in.

  3. Middle-aged Recipient says:

    Judge Ziercher is very intimidating and his record should frighten you. I had to have two hearings with him, but in the second he approved me. I’m middle-aged and didn’t at the time have very clear-cut diagnoses. But this man does his due diligence and honestly, you want this. It was because he is so thorough that I was approved. My advice to all: 1) HIRE A LAWYER. This is your life and there’s no price on this. I paid the max to my lawyer, $6000. Could I have used this money? Of course. But you do not want to go into any of these hearings without a lawyer. They file documents that you and I cannot write ourselves. Plus, you’re proving how serious you are to your judge about your case. And 2) BE COMPLIANT, with your lawyer and your doctors. Don’t doctor jump if you can help it. Finally, answer the judge clearly and HONESTLY. You may not know it when he’s questioning you, but most of the time he knows the answers already. He’s testing your honesty. And judging you…that’s his job. But you can get through it. Good luck to all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Terrible, horrible, AWFUL judge. Knows all the tricks to get away with denying good claims and have his decisions upheld by the Appeals Council, BUT I have won a remand on every single case I have ever appealed at the district court level where he was the judge. If your claimant is denied by Ziercher, expect to have an appealable issue for the district court and make sure you appeal (or refer the case out if you don’t do appeals) so that his name is known by the upper levels of SSA as a judge that costs the government a lot of money in EAJA fees. And somebody please tell him that he can’t pull off a bow tie.

  5. Heather says:

    I am due to see this judge in a few months and I am absolutely terrified. I do not have a lawyer or any other representative. Are there any representatives the will help me for free?? I am scared based on his record. But having a lawyer is not going to make me any more incapable of working. I am failing at even maintaining a life itself…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very officious in running his hearings. Pleasant enough during the hearing but expect to lose unless you have a very, very good case.

  7. Trully Disabled says:

    I saw this Judge this past week and was approved during the hearing. I think this Judge is very just and fair. He weighed the facts,the diagnosis and the doctor’s recommendations as far as what disability I met. I had been denied by another Judge several years before, so this had been a long battle to get benefits! Me and my lawyer perhaps made mistakes with the previous Judge-possibly by not having the right tests and diagnosis from my doctors. The previous Judge was, however, very condescending, doubted my credibility and was very unfriendly! Judge Ziercher was fair, respectful, nice and no non-sense in his approach. He is just that, a Judge, and he believed in me and the doctors and data. In my opinion, if you are truly disabled, this is the Judge to have. If you are a faker-like so many-you had better not even show up! Good luck to those who are truly disabled!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think this judge wants to go down in History as having the most denials. His record speaks volumes. I wish I had any other judge. In the denial letter of 26 pages he stated things that were not true. He has no empathy or compassion. I feel sorry for anyone who is assigned this man.

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