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  1. kj says:

    Judge Mark Kim did not do his due diligence when it came to my wife’s case. He refused to allow me access to the case file when her attorney quit after a hearing had already been scheduled; refused to acknowledge that my attorney had violated the law, applied too much weight to the CE opinion, and completely ignored the report from her neuropsychologist that showed a significant decrease in mental and physical ability when compared to the newer test done by the CE (that was full of incorrect information that too refused to be acknowledged). He is also exceptionally ignorant when it comes to understanding brain injuries. He blatantly left out important information from the hearing when he wrote up his decision. He told us we did not need access to the newer information that he received, that we requested, even though that would be the information he used against her. Her original primary care practitioner was not qualified to care for her after her injury and because of that she did not receive the right care, the hospital ignored the fact that she has a bleeding disorder and therefore failed to diagnose her properly leading to continued decline. Yet, this was also ignored by Judge Mark Kim. He made biased irrelevant statements on his decision that are completely contrary to how he acted during the hearing. Also, when the Vo-tech testified that there were no jobs she would be able to do, that information was excluded from his decision. He ignored that my wife had an emotional breakdown during the hearing and that was completely excluded from his decision letter. He failed her, he lied, he used incorrect information provided by inept medical personnel and refused to understand that the functional report provided two years prior was no longer accurate for her condition now. The RFC he did in the hearing was ignored, and he questioned her credibility without providing sufficient reason for doing so. If I could leave ZERO stars I would. I am sicked with the justice system in Spokane, and Mark Kim for his utter lack of human decency and knowledge when it comes to conditions of the mind.

  2. Lisa says:

    Judge Mark Kim, thank you so very much for being so kind and understanding of my case. You made me feel very comfortable. God bless

  3. Lisa says:

    I wanted to say thank you to judge Mark Kim for seeing me yesterday and my hearing his very kind and understanding of my PTSD very nice and made me feel very comfortable I just want to say thank you again God bless

  4. Kris Rose says:

    Judge Kim was actually filling in for another judge and I am glad. He was very nice and did not make me feel anxious or uncomfortable at all. My hearing only took 20 minutes and he gave me a favorable decision right there.

  5. Denise Kuhn says:

    I would like to thank Judge Mark Kim as he looked thoroughly through my case and seen how I was with my medical issues, and favored it. The Judge I had before him in my video conferencing did not look into my medical he only looked at my work history and then sent to appeals, I was have to admit I was scared going into this courtroom.


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