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  1. Mallory says:

    I was back and forth with Schafer. My lawyer warned me ahead of time about how difficult Schafer was and thoroughly prepped me. Schafer was very hard to read. There were some questions and statements that seemed like he was leaning towards denial and there were some that seemed like he was going to approve. Even in my award letter the first half points out everything against me. He did agree with the VE about there being no jobs that I could do. He also completely dismissed the full evaluation from the Dr Social Security sent me to, which was great. The Dr lied and said I had no issues and passed every test perfectly. Obviously it didn’t line up with my diagnosed conditions and treatment plan. Schafer also backed me up regarding the board denying me twice. Each time they only looked at my age, 27 when I applied, and denied my application. They never considered the evidence of my conditions and treatments. Towards the end of the hearing it seemed like he was going to deny but then I mentioned another condition that should’ve been in the records for court. He actually approved me on the spot, which I was told is very rare, pending the documents confirming the condition. The only problem I had was that he took away a year of back pay. When I first applied I asked if me working 4 days a week 3 hours a day would affect my application. I was told as long as I was staying under a certain amount of hours and pay that it would not affect it at all. I was also in the middle of a semester of college but only had one 2 hour class on campus, the rest were online. Schafer said that since I was able to work and attend school he would only approve one year of back pay instead of two. Yet my award letter clearly states that I became fully disabled when I first applied 2 years earlier. Just make sure if you get him for your hearing that you are completely prepared. He will also check any social media you have so be careful what you post and what you’re doing in any pics that are questionable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just finished my second disability case with him and I can assure you he is getting worse by the year. I was tried in person in 1999, he denied me and it went to the appeals court. The appeals court overturned his decision but I got him again. Had my second case over the phone last month and I was approved but had to settle for a lot less than I was due. He makes you feel like and talks to you like your less than human. This is my first legal matter, but I can assure you he is the absolute worst, unfeeling, condescending judge. I experienced similar issues with him that have all ready been mentioned. My best advice is to get a great lawyer like I had and close all your social media accounts. He checked mine and used it against me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This mark Schafer judge twisted my words and I think it’s unfair. I AM not going to give up. I will win.

  4. Anonymous says:

    According to my husband’s attorney he got the luck of getting this judge Mark Schafer, the attorney said it’s not a good thing but that’s what happened and how it was after waiting years to even to be seen or heard for his disability with a crippling spinal stenosis and disk degeneration that’s going to end up for a life time which he will be in a wheelchair within 5 years because of this disease. We’re praying that this judge will have some heart to understand that this is not preventable and he’s condition will not get better and he cannot work or drive anymore. We always have bad luck or we wouldn’t have any but we’re leaving this into gods hands. Please Pray that he get his disability approval and that this judge can be understandable and reasonable with my husband and help our family with a quick approval and not put my husband on trial cause he hasn’t committed any murder as everyone is saying he’s going to treat my husband like and I pray for my husband he has strength and he will get through this he’s waited so long and I mean years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here it is 9 months after the hearing and 7 months since sending it to the appeals council and I am still waiting and in more pain than before. I do believe that Judge Schafer was very impartial to my case. I read somewhere it could take up to a year and a half….wow…. I am hoping that it doesnt.. Im not going to give up. Im will stick it out to the very end.. and to those of you who are going in front of this judge be careful and hope you have a great attorney… if you do not have you one you will need one.. good luck everyone…

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