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  1. Rick James Snyder says:

    The day before I was to appear before that prick Riley is yours now ain’t no judge set me up with a psychiatrist that lied I don’t remember his name but he was right on 11e there in Tennessee next to Morristown old bastard bald gray hair yet I was at two other psychiatrists that put me favorable and I’ll since wind does one beat too it was dirty setup work he wanted me tonight 6 months later after I waited 6 months I got a denial letter I come down to Florida and I got it in 3 months but I can’t get regular disability because he f***** it up for me my name is Rick Snyder and I hope he gets this because he can’t never touch or do nothing to me again guess what I got my disability go to hell maybe

  2. Jessica says:

    Judge Riley is obviously very understanding. He waited 3 hours for someone to show up for their hearing. He was very patient and nice with my attorney and I. I do not have my decision yet.

  3. antoinette reshenberg says:

    well i filed a appeal 2 months ago. Now last week i received a us direct express card. my understanding that is for ss benefits to go on. Well i thought my appeal went through , and i was going to start receiving benefits. the emotion of relief came over me. Well i have been waiting for a letter. nothing , so called my lawyer she knew nothing, so i called social security to find out what is going on. she said i have NOT been approve that the card was just send for just incase the appeal went through. well my heart dropped in my lap!!!! why would someone send something if you were NOT approved yet?? this gave me false hope, well i can no longer handle this anymore. this is too hard for me. ss needs to change this , don’t send out the cards unless approved. i don’t have no one to help me through this , my husband left 5 years ago when my health went down hill, needles to say i am still married but have no clue to where he is. so i have just about lost everything. i had to give my grandkids back to their mother because i can not afford and because my emotional state. too much for me to handle. i hope she gets off the drugs, but this is sad , i had no choice. PS people can wait for a card if they are approve .

  4. antoinette reshenberg says:

    i can’t eat, sleep or feel right. i had a typo error in wording in my last post. sorry. I also have other problems that are minor compared to those i mentioned in last post. I feel so useless.

  5. Antoinette Reshenberg says:

    I thought he was fair , but the system is flawed. I can eat sleep and feel right. I am afraid to go to the doctors because when i go , all they want to do is give me more shot and they have to freeze my foot before they give it, it only last for about 28 days and you can only have them 3 times a year. after you have them shots you get sharp pain in your foot , that is the side affect, so i don’t show up for my appointment not because i am not in pain but cause i am very scared of the shot. but my lawyer told me not to say much at the hearing . so what do you do. so on that note i got a unfavorable judgement. i have not been able to get out of bed for the last 4days since i got the notice. this is the first day i have got up. I have been thinking how in the world am i going to work!!! i also have fibromyalgia also my body is weak and aches. nobody seems to understand what it is . I wish everyone could understand it. you are not in a lot of pain but you are a scarecrow lifted out in the rain and need oiled very very badly , you are STIFF ,hard to move you get very restless , can’t sit ,can’t lay or can not stand for a long period of time. i have been trying to work not like the rest to just sit and do nothing . then they are the ones who get it, then you seen them out working under the table.. system if not right . the people who try get shafted. it took me 3 hours to type this., due to my arms get week but they say i am able to work. it is not the judges fault it is the system. they should have people come in for a full physical , activities,heart monitors and everything to see really how week people are. not do some 2 minute evaluation at their office. when you sit in front of a judge you are nerves and you have a lawyer telling you not to speak much at all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good judge listen to everyone an fair thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Denied mine when occupational therapist said there would be no work I am an epileptic with ptsd and anxeity and no medication because I can not afford it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Riley was absolutely awesome. He is truly a fair judge that listens to you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good, Judge

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