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  1. Sarah says:

    I agree with these comments and feel so sorry for all of the others that went through the same thing I did. I spent years working to perfect my case to the SSA while I have no energy to even get up most days. This time I had an experienced attorney to help me, all this work took about over a year in total (THIS time) just to speak to Mrs. Martha Gasparovich over a court phone call for FIVE minutes… just so she could deny me in a matter of days, sadly just a week shy of learning I have a pituitary gland tumor & endocrine disorder among many more issues I have no energy to take care of. I don’t even know where to start from here now.

    I know she’s just doing her job in these decisions, but sometimes they are so so SO wrong. What I truly needed was an understanding judge to see that I absolutely needed this. Now I just feel like I’m back at square one and it makes me want to break down in tears.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge made statements in her denial that were not true and stated that even though the diseases I have been diagnosed with could cause the pain I claim to have, she doesn’t believe I have pain to the extent that I claim. Absolutely ridicules!! Good luck getting approved for the benefits you have paid into your whole life if this judge decides she doesn’t want you to have them. I hope karma is real and she gets her due in the end.

  3. Heather Bilderbeck says:

    I tend to agree with the other comments. I of course had a different case. At first I blamed my lawyer, which I still do, but I also am dissatisfied with the judge.

    When I left the hearing, the judge had used my exact symptoms and needs and completely. Zeroed out any jobs from the Employment Expert. Yet on my letter from her she listed. Three jobs, with which I can not do, and two of them had YouTube video’s so I can absolutely say I can not do. Which I made sure to put in my letter to the appeals council.

    I have multiple diseases, COPD with Emphysema in both lungs, as well as a neuropathy that causes me to lose my sight and feel like something is crushing my spine, my neurologist suspects MS but that takes a long time to diagnose. I also am bipolar, have major depressive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, and have been told by my Dr. I’m not going to live to see 50, and I wont see 40 if I don’t quit smoking. And she used that against me as if I want to die. I’m trying to quit smoking, if anyone checks the stats its freaking hard to quit. And I can’t take chanticleer because of my mental disease. It causes intrusive thought on people with just depression, my Dr. Said absolutely not.

    I worked since I was old enough to work, went to college, everything I could and I’ve been fighting illness the whole time. I don’t want to be disabled., but I am. When you can’t do your dishes without crushing feeling in your spine making you stop within the first five minutes your done. And my mental is done, I’ve been raped, lost a baby, my dad hung himself, those are all on paper execpt the rape, but its on paper with my therapist. I been beat nearly killed. Nearly killed by a dealer because my heroin addict dad ripped him off, had the gun to my head.

    Ok I gotta stop. How much more do you want, I had my first nervous breakdown at sixteen. I’m thirty and told I’m dieing on top of everything else, I can’t do anymore. I hope she reads these.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel this Judge has little knowledge of the impact of symptoms of claimants with mental illness. Apparently she is a body language expert and used my lack of attention and eye contact to say I was not credible, with no proof, she made the assumption I was currently an alcoholic, which I don’t even drink, and over looked medical evidence and gave little to no weight to my RFC’s. She used the fact that my treating physicians note that I am “pleasant” while in office against me, and also the fact that I can get along with my family. Im Very disheartened by the experience and feel bad for anyone young, who doesn’t go before her drooling and unable to move.

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