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  1. Brandee says:

    This man, call judge, is nothing more than a biased snobbish ****, in a black cape.

    I was denied my case because he believed that lupus was caused by my weight. He then cited that he was also going off the recommendation of the psychologist, that I saw.

    Funny thing THAT psychologist actually supported my claim – he and I had a very volatile visit but he supported the claim none-the-less!

    Absolute proof that he legislates from a tiny chair and believes he does not need to be bothered with the file, and reading all those notes and stats. He has eyes, and he is ‘godly’. He has the psychic like intuition. He doesn’t need any third party or medical recommendations. He can look at you and just know what you’re worth, what you deserve, and who you are.

    Forget appalled,
    I am simply grossed out by the putridity of your organization.

    My absolute Solace is that I have a GOD. And we all will stand before HIM.

    May HE judge each of you completely and may you suffer the consequences of your actions eternally. Your game that you’ve been playing with the sick, the diseased and the broken makes you and those who follow that evil logic nothing more than legal mass murderers and torturers.


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