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  1. thomas bennethum says:

    i started my home improvement company in 1993 and usually had just one person working for me at a time and averaged slightly over a hundred thousand per year in gross income (not profit). in January 2002 i suffered a devastating accident while building a workshop on my property, the bracing that a 28′ aluminum plank gave way i jumped off and the other guy leaned against the structure kicking the plank into both of my ankles causing bilateral pylon fractures. the fist surgery involved 2 -4.5″ stainless plate and 16- stainless screws in each ankle each ankle , in physical therapy in July of that year two screws and the interior plate in the right ankle failed, meaning the bone on the inside of my right ankle was 1″ out from where it was supposed to be. in Sept of 2002 both ankles were reconstructed a second time at Thomas Jefferson university in Philadelphia where they removed the 4 plates and 16 screws and went with 1 plate and 8 screws per ankle screwing both tibia and fibula together and shaving bone from my hips again to fill the voids that were left after removing all the dead bone and installing a bone growth stimulator in each leg. since i was going to be in a wheelchair thru another winter i asked the Dr. to sign a application for a placard, he instead filled out the form for a permanently disabled licence plate .
    after 15 months in a wheelchair two more years learning to walk again and 3 more years trying to save my business i called it quits that was Sept 2008. since then i have been living off an apartment i rent out on the second floor of my house for 700.00 per month which after property taxes and utility leaves me 100.00 a month to live on, i finally applied for ssi in June 2011 and was denied all the way to the federal level in 2014. i reapplied Oct 2014 and had a video hearing with judge Marty pillion on Feb 25 2016 where my lawyer this time presented forms from my ankle specialists stating that i am severely limited in amounts of time that i can stand and walk and i cannot bend crouch climb stairs or carry weight and the head of behavioral medicine saying that i have poor impulse control, anger depression complicated by severe chronic pain.
    judge pillon in his determination of not disabled under rules of the social security administration chose to ignore 3 separate ankle specialist and the head of the behavioral medicine dept and my primary care dr. and based his refusal on the 35 min examination by the doctor that the SSA sent me to for their examination whom incredibly said that i was able to walk with a normal gait could stand up out of the chair with no problem and was able to get dress without any help from others.
    while i was testifying about everything that i had gone through the wheelchair, learning how to walk again, losing over 200,000 dollars of my own money, the chronic pain i suffer from, the insomnia, the violent altercations that i went through which is the reason that i stopped working and became a shut in because if i hadn’t i would have ended up dead or in prison, i was in tears he had asked me what i do during the day and i replied i sit in front of the tv or i go on the computer but i don’t spend to much time on the computer because i have bad arthritis in my hands, that i cant use the mouse with my right hand because my fingers lock up i cant click on the mouse, he started screaming at me why wasn’t there anything on any of the forms about arthritis in my hands, i replied because my hands aren’t my problem that its my ankles that are ruining my life.
    then there vocational guy said that i could be a nut sorter, a file clerk or a parts counter guy. my lawyer cross examined him and with all my restrictions he eliminated all those jobs, much to my dismay he disregarded all of my doctors for the one that they sent me too.
    the video hearing started twenty minutes late because of the judge and when my lawyer was asking their specialist about my limitations the jack ass judge started yelling at my lawyer to hurry up this hearing is running over. HE WAS THE ASSHOLE THAT WAS LATE, I LOST THE HEARING BECAUSE HE WAS LATE AND HAVING A BAD MORNING.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had a hearing with him in october of 2010, my doctor has had me fully disabled since january of 2007 and I still lost my decision. I’m now on disablity 2 years later. I presented the same case and won. he lied about everything he wrote, the guy must not have a heart to give me a unfavorable decision. because of me losing my case in 2010 I lost my pension that I was going to recieve. I wish there is a way to get him to read this and let him know how he ruined my life. I wish you would man up and admit you made a big mistake so I could get my onset date change so I could recieve my full pension

  3. Anonymous says:

    He knows the law! He goes through very detailed questions with the Claimant and tries to make sure they understand everything. He’s also good about questioning the vocational experts on their sources of information. His decisions clearly explain what he used to come to that decision, and he explains how much a claimant would really be expected to work. Claimants might not necessarily think he’s a sweet, kind, and caring person, but they can be assured that he really considers the evidence and is trying to come to the right decision.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He does not look out for the disabled person.He looks out for his record,and looks for any reason to fine a unfavorable dicision…..

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