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  1. giovanni ruiz says:

    i bet your a good judge 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    The famous Ice T s drinking aunt received Social Security for him after his parents died as a teenager. I had to start working as a disabled teenager since I was 15 trying to get out. I am now a grown single women without children, who does not drink, and does not do drugs. However, I live with three alcoholics. My mother, my father, and my sister. I have been denied and discriminated against by the Social Security Administration since way back in the 2000’s for having a comprised immune system of my drinking female physician nearly killing me, debilitating me while still suffering debilitating migraines, cluster headaches and vision and hearing disorders. As soon as my father had a heart condition he was immediately given Social Security. When I was hit by a female drunk driver my Social Security claim was treated like an accident claim. The date isn’t even for the date of the accident based on my closed head injury. When I was in with the ALJ Montanus the only question my male Catholic attorney asked was how much I weighed. I was given a partially favorable decision based on the male physicians and it is bad. That means they want my alcoholic family to handle my finances. I am still fighting after all these years and their is no end to the discrimination in my area. I wouldn’t even give this one star. All of their “working programs” have also been discriminating against me since the 2000’s. I couldn’t even get food stamps but now that their is a democratic president in the white house. I can now have food stamps. When I have to renew them. The black children and family service workers still ask me if I am pregnant yet. No I did not receive any money from the white drunk driving female that hit me. She had a black female judge and a black female prosecutor on her side because she is dating a black man with two children.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ makes her decision basically on how she sees the claimant at the hearing, not on what is presented in the medical file. My child who is almost 10 years old suffers from ADHD and is borderline retarded, being retained in 1st Grade for four years in a row. There is sufficient medical information on the medical file, not only from medical experts, but from school as well. She denied the claim because he responded some of her questions at the hearing, not realizing that he made up some of the answers. My attorney and I told ALJ about it, but she still denied the claim. I hope the Appeals Council remands the case.

  4. Erin says:

    I was approved for backpayment but denied for monthly benefits in 2010. I have re-applied for monthly benefits due to new injuries since that decision and have gone before Judge Montanus again as of 01/2012. I find that her decisions are fair and based solely on the facts of the situation, not on emotion. Her assistant works just as hard to make sure that ALL avenues have been pursued before a decision is handed down. I am blessed to have people dedicated to bettering the lives of those who truly are in need working in my corner. I pray that the other judges in this division are as atimate about the welfare of the disabled and the bettering of their lives as Judge Montanus. Thank you & God Bless to her, her staff, and their families.

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