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  1. TJ says:

    One of the rudest ALJs I have ever appeared before. These hearings are not supposed to be adversarial. It would be good if she kept that in mind. She does not even attempt to hide her disdain for claimants, reps and the process.

  2. Bs says:

    Also interrupted while talking, during first hearing she even pulled out her lunch and started eating it while he was talking. I don’t think she has a good day

  3. Bs says:

    This judge is anything but fair and impartial she has her mind made up before the hearing even starts if she doesn’t agree with the evidence or witness she throws it out she said the doctors report wasn’t valuable then she makes things up to prove her case unfortunately we’ve had her twice. She should be removed from the bench and disbard.

  4. E says:

    That fucking lady

    That woman was having a bad day

  5. RD81 says:

    This site has a default setting of 5 stars under the “leave a reply” line, with no ability to change it once the comment is submitted, so making sure to make it clear that she deserves less than 1 star.

  6. RD81 says:

    If you have the misfortune of being assigned this judge on your Social Security hearing, I recommend requesting a different judge. She treated my hearing like an assembly line hearing, just going through the paces, interrupted me when I was making a statement to argue my case, and in direct violation of both procedural due process and the stated rights in the Social Security appeal documentation, openly denied me the opportunity to call any witnesses to testify in support of my claim during the hearing, instead limiting any witness statements to be submitted in writing after the conclusion of the hearing. She gave a clear impression that she was just going though the motions of the hearing itself, and even asked me to “hurry up” because she had other cases to do that day.

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