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  1. Steven brown says:

    Judge Doyle obviously did not look at my case she denied it after the ve said i had no transferable w ork due to being struck by a car a ruined my back along with ptsd

  2. C. R. Ott says:

    This woman was my judge, she is a very nice judge. Whereas i have not received my conclusion to my case yet. I just wanted to confirm that. This judge was indeed very nice, through, and kind. I am someone who us on the spectrum, I am an adult. I think its important to advocate for yourself and though i needed help with a lawyer I have been learning to trust my Journey. I hope and pray if you the reader is going through disability hearing that your experience is anxiety free. Though I have a huge amount of anxiety, this judge and her voice helped to make my experience less anxiety filled. It was the Vocational Rep., who gave me anxiety and extra overwhelming sensory issues because of the extra sounds coming from his phone on his end (not static but extra unwanted noises that i someone on the spectrum could not get past).

  3. Elisa says:

    I just wanted to know exactly how long it takes after a judge tells you at your court hearing that your son etc. Is approved for disability mine was held on may 25, 2016 when could i expect to start recieving his benefits

  4. Vernedia Southers says:

    My name is vernedia southers and my hearing was held at the end of April around the 25th. I was told i here something in 2wks but still havent heard anything. My attorney just say it takes time it a process i know im 1 of many disabled americans and am not trying to be a problem just want to no hiw long before i will get a decision

    Thank you
    Vernedia Southers

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