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  1. Jessica says:

    Please stop Kylie Jenner’s from using my identity and picking up my correspondence is why I always have no money cause she and anthony rea are always picking up my things without permission of any kind

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought the judge was very through and professional. I have been going thru this for over 10 yrs. Went to appeals n these appeal attorneys are outrageous. I got info from social security way before being notified by these attorneys offices. They are pretty much the only appeals attorneys available. I called 3x a week for 3 weeks n got no reply. So I was so upset I wrote a letter firing them as my attorney. Then I got attention but by then they didn’t know where my case was. It was sent back to Santa Barbara last yr in April. Now they want whatever I receive a portion of for writing one letter. I hope the judge sees this. I have been charged for records I had already. I offered them the records n still they charge me. I was suppose to pay 50 a pop for each Dr. When I got the records the most I was charged was $15. That’s some mark up. I can’t believe the way they do business. The judge was kind n respectful to me. If I don’t get my disability I’m giving up on life. I can’t live like this no more. The rats have bitten me n I’ve no place to go but the street. I’m too sick to live that way. I have done everything asked of me. I can’t keep sleeping on a mattress filled with rats. I will just give up. I have deal with attorneys who are incompedent and don’t do what they say. I can’t jump thru any more hoops I’m not well enough. I am finished with life after this. Someone who takes 22 different meds a day n stays in bed with a hammer n knife to keep rats away. I am worn out. I just want this to be finished so I can leave n be able to live like a normal person n sleep on a bed that don’t move from digging n wanting to bite me. Please god hear my prayer.

  3. Scott says:

    SSA ODAR/Santa Barbara, CA region 9, ALJ Mary Everstine, once again i continue to be amazed at so many comments that this ALJ has not only LIED in, but has pre-judged cases without hearing anything, She has a history of being Prejudice against we Disabled Veterans and others who are disabled especially those who are Terminally Ill.

    I would not be surprised that she is accepting bribes of sorts, she has committed fraud, perjury, lied in official US records, even two of her subordinates have said she is the most disliked ALJ in all of region 9. In my case as a disabled US Veteran and a former Investigator with the US Government who got also disabled from my work. SSA admitted they not me apparently made an error over 13+ years ago and then they tell me not to worry it was our error and we will waive the over-payment since we even put it in writing that is was the FAULT of SSA. As this ALJ – Everstine failed to allow witnesses, failed to tell the truth, failed to allow evidence, altered records that i have never ever seen in my life until last week. She made up her mind without even reading the case facts, she even lied in her rulings and no doubt many people have DIED will she made improper rulings.

    She should no doubt be disbarred, and the SSA OIG as Well as the US OSC should be conducting an investigation she is a person who according to Federal (Real) Judges have had to overrule so many of her false rulings.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What good does it really do to have this site? Someone can’t choose what judge the social security office deliberately makes you have. The social security office should review who’s the worst judge ever and that’s Mary Everstine. She should actually be a fictional writer because she spins a tale of lies regarding someone’s case. I don’t see how this **** woman can live with herself doing this to so many people. She has the highest denial rating & should be fired & lose all her government benefits. She never gave me DUE PROCESS that’s legally required in this country. I never got to even speak, and the attorney I shouldn’t have had to hire never said anything either. It was all just a scam & a waste of my time. She already had denied me before I even had my hearing, which like I said was not a hearing because I was never heard. I have all the proof I need, & anyone reading what I wasn’t allowed can see this. She actually claimed I was lazy, but I see by how many hours she doesn’t work she is projecting how she is. She has a part time job she is over paid for. Somehow she’s convinced this makes her better than the majority of people who have to deal with her. She has extreme mental problems. It couldn’t be more obvious!!

    This *****, **** woman should be on the national news stations showing who she really is. The fact the social security office continues allowing someone this insane to continue on with her hatred & bigotry towards so many says a lot. There should be a class action law suit against her & make her pay for how many people she has hurt. I can’t even give her a one star, again you can see by her denial record she gets off on hurting people by denying them. Who would really enjoy doing this for a job?

  5. Scott T Barnes says:

    I was suppose to have a “Real” ALJ hearing appeal with Mary Everstine today at 11 AM of course she was NOT available so i called her associate Joel who said ” She is Busy” but i have a phone hearing with her ? well wait she is TOO BUSY, she finally called 22 minutes later and called the wrong number at that. Finally when she did call she had already made up her mind on her ruling ?

    She refused me subpoenas , refused, witnesses, refused to allow testimony, refused to allow even the SSA records showing that in fact the SSA is the one who made errors and lied about them. She refused to allow the alleged hearing to go on so it lasted about 5 minutes with her babbling the most. She is the same ALJ that ruled wrongfully on other cases that Federal Judges had to overrule her “Wrong rulings ” I had requested ODAR for all the SSA appeal records on my matter they trickled in one piece at a time over 5 months they even sent me someone else’s records and private information . It is truly amazing that our nation retains such dishonest lying lawyers and makes them ALJ’s all while destroying lives of we the disabled, as a disabled Government Investigator and US Veteran i find her abuses, lies and cover up’s to be appalling and agree she needs to be sanctioned and removed for cause. She lied in the very short appeal maybe 5 minutes and she hung up, she do not want to allow evidence, records or letters or testimony to come into the case which would have proved her wrong and deceitful

  6. Scott says:

    ALJ SSA judge Mary Everstine,

    She has denied me the ability to subpoena people, records, evidence, documents and obtain under oath testimony by SSA employees is not only appalling but goes against the very DUE PROCESS we as a free Nation have come to have.

    To deny justice to a long term disabled person is unconscionable , SSA staff have lied and yet no one cares about truth or Justice no one in SSA wants the truth out. DO NOT trust her or SSA. I have seen where US Judges have had to overturn her cases due to failure to follow the rule of law

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