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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had to wait five months until my decision and was surprised by her decision. She was fair in her comments during the hearing. Thank you Judge French for taking the time to listen to what I had to say.

  2. Kathleen Olsufka says:

    Thank you, Judge French.

  3. z says:

    I wish for Judge French to just for one day live the nightmare my life has been before I appeared in front of her but especially after I received her decision to deny my SSI claim. I was in the ER two days later for wanting to kill myself.

    If only some of these cold, heartless judges were forced to truly understand the horror of living a life ruled by mental illness…being suicidal for a year…having to live on $450 a month…enduring horrific side effects from psychotropic drug after drug…and then being denied the pittance of SSI you’ve waited years for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No matter the outcome, thanks for your professionalism and real world demeanor.

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