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  1. JEG says:

    Judge Kunz does not judge fairly, as she did not know nearly enough about my disability to make a fair judgment. Why in the world would SS put/allow her in that seat when she may know the law, BUT not EVEN the basics of the SSDI approved disabilities???

  2. VTP says:

    Really nice judge treats atty/rep and client nicely but… this is a judge that you really need to prepare well for. She reads very little about a persons impairment related issues BUT educates herself very well with negatives in a medical record (i.e. traveling,smoking,drug use,job seeking,criminal history etc..) I do not believe she reads a brief that is submitted for a case (she hasn’t done so in my cases) so when she asks for an opening treat it like she has not read your brief it and address everything as well as any and all the negatives. She will take at face value everything her VE testifies to and has used VE’s in the past that “skim” over details of what they are testifying to that is favorable (i.e. will not say the percentage of time a person can be off task rather just say: “not much can a person be off task”) Lastly listen closely to her hypo’s they tend to not cover impairments in the medical records by treating providers but rather from what she garners or gleens from client testimony and DDS. Look at your case and prepare for this judge as if you are preparing an appeal at Federal District Court level and MAKE A RECORD.

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