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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was curious to see how long it took you guys to get your decision

  2. Dorin Furman says:

    I am writing this due to your deniel decision on my case in 2013. You denied my case for several reasons, my main issue is that I had a ” SSD” case going for 6-7 yrs which at the time my lawyer stated my DLI expired 12/2010, the soc sec office & judge mary s Connolly also stated I didn’t have enough work credits, I was also told I had a “SSI” case pending at the same time, which at that time I couldn’t possibly have qualified for SSI because I had too much income, How on earth could I have ANY case going under ssd when soc sec says 1 thing not enough credits & my attorney says dli expired,I need answers!!! You also denied me & dis-credited 5 different specialty dr’s showing my medical issue’s. This is RIDICULOUS esp when you approved many I know that are abusing the system, ARE WORKING CASH JOBS & DRIVING NEW CARS!!!! Now as it stands my case is suppose to go b4 the US court of appeals which no lawyer will take & start a new SSI case. Judge Mary s Connolly did NOT one time LOOK AT ME during the hearing, My situation needs to be under investigation as Soc Sec told me that it could not be legal the way my case was handled. I am now HOMELESS, DESTITUTE, & HAVE NO TRANSPORTATION! This judge made a BAD wrong decision in regards to me!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shayne 8/15/13 says:

    Thank you Mary Connolly for Listening To me and understanding me You were very down to earth And have help me very much in life By your judgement…THANK YOU…

  4. DDJ says:

    Ms. Connolly is a great judge. She listened to me as if she knew me & wasn’t quick to judge me. I felt very comfortable explaining my disabilities & ailments to her. My hearing was a very emotional time for me & i felt as if she could feel my pain. I am a Air Force Veteran & very unfortunatly I became disabled in 2010 at the young age of 22. I was a victim of a assault with a knife & was shot.. I give BIG THANKS to Ms. Connolly for supporting her Veterans’

  5. M_M_C says:

    I had a hearing in front of this judge this spring. The only reason I am not giving her more stars is that she saw something in my records that was from many years ago and decided that I needed a Representative Payee even though my disability is physical and has absolutely no impact on my mental faculties. It’s not that big of a deal, but she named the person to be my payee even though the person was not in the hearing, she had not met him, and knew nothing about him other than one answer I gave in the hearing acknowledging that this person had been helping me out with paying for my doctors visits while this process played out.

    Other than that, she was kind & courteous in the hearing and accepted the VE’s opinion without so much as a followup question.

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