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  1. Kathleen says:

    Gosh, these comments give me some hope that I might finally get on disability after 20 years!

  2. jessica jackson says:

    marykay is awesome at what she does. she was a good attorney and i bet a kick but judge she is down to earth, shes nice and shes a friendly and smart. she is
    about helping people and understanding what people go threw which is why she is good with what she does. she is the best…….

  3. Angela L. Rotundo says:

    The representative who my law firm hired from my city was a waste, in my opinion. Mr. Gandy gave me the curtesy of less than 15 minutes to meet with me right before the hearing and I can say that the way he asked me questions that morning, I knew he did not read my file that was forwared to him from the actual law firm I had employed to represent me.

    I was very fortunate to have Judge Rauenzahn reside over my disability hearing.

    Walking in, I felt like I had already lost, but the Judge was warm and human by the way she introduced herself to me and how she related to the Recorder and Statistic Case worker.

    It amazed me all through the hearing how much she knew about my past health to present. Unlike the representitive I had been appointed, the Judge’s thorough knowledge of me actually gave me a sense of validation.

    Thank you Judge Rauenzahn.

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