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  1. Nb says:

    Very unfair judge, assumed alot and thinks he is smarter then 2 neurosurgeons, and an orthopedic surgeon. Has hypothetical jobs that believes you can do that only exist in fantasy land. I truly believe I was denied due to Social Securities under 50 rule and this judge had a chance to do something right and he was a coward and his behind a fake law. Lost alot of respect for the judicial system and think the federal government really needs to do a deep dive in social securities system for every stage of this process. It’s the most ridiculous process I’ve ever been through. It shouldn’t take years , Lord knows if you were convicted of a crime.it would take months , or a ticket. Biggest waste of tax paying dollars is these judges and the staff that process these claims.

  2. Jacqueline O. says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Hogan today and it will be several weeks before I know the outcome. I found Judge Hogan to be very business like and professional. I was concerned about this meeting due to some of the reviews on this site that were not in his favor. Even if my claim is denied I will not change my opinion on this matter.

  3. Leslie T. says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Hogan on April 27. He was very well prepared and I could tell that he researched all my medical records. He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions. He was pleasant to talk to. I found out that I was approved for my disability about eight weeks after my hearing.

  4. P.T. says:

    His approval rating speaks for itself. He will nit-pick at facts and words used by the claimant to make it fit his depictions. Moreover, he is very rude and aggressive when it comes asking questions, with lots of eye-rolling. Lose the attitude!

  5. Nancy Breck says:

    Mr. Hogan when he was a lawyer with Kathleen Glancy law firm in Wilmington NC helped me get my disability. I found out 4 years later that I did not get the proper payout. I spent 4 years not getting the medical help I needed for my disability, scrubbing toilets and floors, eating meagerly, not socializing, selling jewelry, etc. Social Security reimbursed me the monies not paid to me and I just received a letter I no longer qualify for medicaid part D which will cost me $600 a month. I get enought from social security to pay for my home only. Any thing else I have to have a job for…..food, electric, utilities etc which is about a minimum of $800. I have been trying to do this against all odds. It is like I was in jail for a crime I did not commit. Glancy says that their firm had nothing to do with it. I have emails to the contrary and Mr. Hogan knows that the information he gave me was incorrect. I say as you sleep comfortable in you warm safe home at night to own up oand pay me for damages.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its nice to have a Judge who will listen and understand and make decision on a case by case basis win or lose. He is fair and impartial and all around a great guy you would like to know in or off the bench!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spent enough time on our side of the Bench that your client WILL have a fair Hearing.Good guy all around….but be prepared.

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